Prophet Mohammed-saww

The Holy Prophet Mohammed Ibn Abdullah-saww was Sent down to earth by Allah-azwj on the 17th of Rabi’ al-Awwal, in the year of the Elephant on a Friday at noon.[1].

Prophet Mohammed-saww remained in Makkah for 13 years after receiving Divine Commands (through Angel Jabrail-as to announce his-saww Prophet-hood) as the Rasool Allah-saww. Thereafter he-saww moved to Madina where he lived for ten years. Prophet Mohammed-saww left this world after being poisoned on the 28th of Safar, at the age of 63 years.

Prophet Mohammed-saww’s father Abd Allah-asws ibn Abd Al-Muttalib-asws died in Madina when Prophet Mohammed-saww was only two months old. His-saww mother Syeda Amina-asws daughter of Wahab, died when he-saww was a boy of four years old.

Abd Al-Muttalib-asws (the grandfather of the Prophet-saww who started taking care of him-saww after the death of his-saww parents-asws) also died when the Holy Prophet-saww was about eight years old. After the death of Abd Al-Muttalib-asws , the Prophet-saww’s uncle Hazrat Abu Talib (ibn Abd Al-Muttalib-asws) and his-asws wife (Syeda Fatimah-asws binte Asad-asws) starting looking after Prophet Mohammed-saww.

Prophet Mohammed-saww married Syeda Khadija-asws. Allah-asws blessed them-asws with Syeda Fatimah-asws. Syeda Khadija-asws left this world one year before the Prophet-saww moved to Medina. Hazrat Abu Talib-asws who brought up the Holy Prophet-saww and protected him-saww from ‘Mushraqeen’ (polytheists who believe in more than one god) of Mecca also left this world shortly.

When the Rasool Allah-saww lost these two people it became very difficult for him-saww to live in Makkah. He-saww became extremely sad and prayed to Allah-azwj. Allah-azwj then Sent him-saww the Message to ‘leave the town, the town of the unjust people’; after Hazrat Abu Talib-asws there was no one in Makkah to support him-saww. This is why he-saww was Commanded to migrate to Madinah.[2]

Ahadith on the Divine Virtues of the Holy Prophet-saww

Once someone asked Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Jafar e Sadiq-asws) ‘Was the Rasool Allah-saww the master of the children of (Prophet) Adam-as?’ The Imam-asws replied: ‘By Allah-azwj, he-saww was the master of all whom Allah-azwj has Created. Allah-azwj has not Created any creature better than Prophet Mohammed-saww.[3] Amir-ul-Momineen-asws (Imam Ali-asws ibn Abi Talib-asws) has also said this.

Abu Abd Allah-asws says that Allah-azwj has said, ‘O Mohammed I-azwj have Created you-saww and Ali-asws from a ‘Noor’ (Divine Light) as a ‘Ruh’ (Spirit), without body before I-azwj Created My-azwj Heavens, My-azwj Earth, My-azwj Throne, and My-azwj ocean. You continued to acknowledge Me-azwj as your Lord-azwj and Speak of My-azwj Glory.


I-azwj then Collected the spirits of both of you-asws and Made it one spirit. This spirit continued to speak of My-azwj Glory, My-azwj Holiness and acknowledge Me-azwj as the Lord-azwj.

I-azwj then Divided it into two and these two became four: two became Prophe Mohammed-saww and Imam Ali-asws while the other two became Imam al-Hassan-asws and Imam al-Hussain-asws.

Then Allah-azwj Created Syeda Binte Rasool Allah-asws from a ‘Noor’ (Divine Light), with a Spirit that was Created first. Allah-azwj then Wiped us-asws so closely with Himself-azwj that His-azwj ‘Noor’ Started flowing into us.[4]

Imam Mohammed Baqir-asws says, ‘Allah-azwj Sent a revelation to Prophet Mohammed-saww, ‘O Mohammed I-azwj Created you. You-saww did not exist. I-azwj Blew into you-saww from My ‘Ruh’ (Spirit). It was an honour with which I-azwj Honoured you-saww that I-azwj Made it an obligation on all of My-azwj creatures to obey you-saww.

Whoever will obey you-saww obeys Me-azwj and whoever will disobey you disobeys Me-azwj. Similarly, I-azwj have Made the obedience to Ali-asws also obligatory as well as to those of his-asws descendants whom I-azwj have Chosen for Myself-azwj’. (As the Divine Imams-asws, the 11 children of Imam Ali-asws).[5]

Imam Musa-e-Kazim-asws (our 7th Imam-asws) said: Allah-azwj is One-azwj and Eternal. He-azwj Created Prophet Mohammed-saww, Imam Ali-asws and Syeda Binte Rasool Allah-asws. They were there for a thousand Dahr (one Dahr equals the amount of time from the beginning to the present of Earth’s existence).

Then Allah-azwj Created all other things. Allah-azwj Made them-asws witness on the creation of all other things. Allah-azwj Made obedience to them-asws obligatory and Gave them-asws control of the affairs of the creation.

They-asws can, thus, make lawful whatever they-asws wish and unlawful whatever they-asws wish but they-asws never wish anything unless Allah-azwj Wishes.[6]

Imam Mohammed Baqir-asws said: ‘We are the first family whose names Allah-azwj has Exalted (Given higher status). When Allah-azwj Created the Heavens and Earth He-azwj Commanded an announcer to proclaim three times:


أَشْهَدُ أَنْ لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللَّهُ )ثَلَاثاً( أَشْهَدُ أَنَّ مُحَمَّداً رَسُولُ اللَّهِ )ثَلَاثاً( أَشْهَدُ أَنَّ عَلِيّاً أَمِيرُ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ حَقّاً )ثَلَاثاً(

“I testify that no one other than Allah Deserves to be worshipped, 3 times, I testify that Mohammed is the Rasool Allah, 3 times: and that Ali is Amir-ul-Momineen (Leader with Divine Authority) in all truth, 3 times.[7]


(A narrator of a Hadith says) Once Imam Mohammed Baqir-asws said to me, ‘O Jabir, the first thing that Allah-azwj Created was Prophet Mohammed-saww and his-saww children-asws (the people of Kisa) who are the rightly guided Imams-asws (Divine Guides). They-asws existed in ‘Ashbah (form) of ‘Noor’ (Divine Light) in the presence of Allah-azwj.’

I then asked, ‘What is ‘Ashbah? The Imam-asws said, ‘It is the shadow of the ‘Al-Noor’ (Divine Light), the lighting bodies without the spirit. It was supported by one spirit, the Holy Spirit. In that state he-saww and his offspring-asws worshipped Allah-azwj and for this reason Allah-azwj Created them-asws forbearing Scholars, careful pure Ones who worship Allah-azwj through ‘Salat’ (Prayer), ‘Soam’ (Fasting), ‘Sajda’ (Prostration), ‘Tasbeh’ (speaking of His-azwj Glory) and the acknowledgment that He-azwj is the only Lord-azwj. They perform Salat, perform Hajj and fast.[8]

Imam Mohammed Baqir-asws (our 5th Imam-asws) has said, ‘The Rasool Allah-saww had three qualities that no (human being) had.

  1. Prophet Mohammed-saww did not have any shadow.
  2.  Whatever path Prophet Mohammed-saww walked on even after two or three days one could still notice his passing thereby due to his-saww fragrance that remained along the path.
  3. On Prophet Mohammed-saww‘s passing by, out of respect, every stone and tree did ‘Sajada’ (prostrated /bowed) before him-saww.[9]

Imam Jafar e Sadiq-asws has said, ‘Once Hazrat Jibril-as came to the Holy Prophet-saww and said, “O Mohammed-saww, Allah-azwj Offers you ‘Salam’ (greetings of peace) and Says, ‘I have Prohibited the fire to harm your parents and the people whose laps provided you protection and guardianship. The father is ‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib-asws and the woman who brought you to the world is ‘Amina-asws, daughter of Wahab, and the people whose laps provided you protection and guardianship are Hazrat Abu Talib-asws ibn Abdul Muttalib -asws and Fatimah-asws daughter of Asad-asws.[10]

Once, Imam Mohammed Baqir-asws (our 5th Imam-asws) was asked: ‘How many times was the Rasool Allah-saww taken for ‘Miraj’ (The ascension- when he rose to the Heavens)[11]? The Imam-asws said, ‘It happened twice. Hazrat Jibril-as asked him-saww to stop at a place saying wait right there, O Mohammed-saww, you-saww have stood at a place where no angel-as or Prophet-as has ever stood before you-saww.

Your-saww Lord-azwj is Praying.’ The Rasool Allah-saww asked, ‘O Jibril, how does He-azwj pray?’ Jibril said, ‘He-azwj Says,

سُبُّوحٌ قُدُّوسٌ أَنَا رَبُّ الْمَلَائِكَةِ وَ الرُّوحِ سَبَقَتْ رَحْمَتِي غَضَبِي‏

The Glorious, the Holy, I Am the Lord of the angels and the Spirit. My Mercy exceeds My Anger.“:

The Holy Prophet-saww then said, ‘O Allah-azwj, I-saww beg forgiveness from You-azwj, I-saww beg forgiveness from You-azwj (on behalf of my-saww followers).’

The Imam-asws said, ‘They were as close, as Allah-azwj has Said, ” … as the distance of two bows, or even less.” (53:9)

Abu Basir then asked, ‘May Allah-azwj keep my soul in service for your-asws cause, what is ” … the distance of two bows, or even less?” (53:9) The Imam-asws said, ‘It is the distance of the radius of the bow.’ The Imam-asws then said, ‘Between the two there was a barrier (curtain) that shone.’ I (narrator) only know it was made of Zabarjad (Beryl, chrysotile). He (the Holy Prophet-saww) looked into the Noor of Greatness through the size of a needle’s eye or so, as this is what Allah-azwj Willed.

Allah-azwj Said, ‘O Mohammed-saww.’ He replied, ‘Yes, my Lord-azwj.’ Allah-azwj Asked, ‘Who will be after you to guide your followers’?’ Prophet Mohammed-saww replied, ‘Allah-azwj Knows best.’ Allah-azwj Said, ‘Ali-asws Ibn Abu Talib-asws will be Amir-ul-Momineen-asws (Leader with Divine Authority), the master of the Muslims, the leader of the ones marked with brightness on their foreheads.’

‘The narrator has said that then the Imam-asws said to Abu Basir, ‘O Abu Mohammed, by Allah-azwj, Wilayah (Mastership) of Amir-ul-Momineen Ali-asws did not come from Earth. It (Wilayah) came from the Heavens in Words that Allah-azwj Personally Spoke.[12]

Abu ‘Abd Allah-asws was once asked: ‘What is the meaning of ‘Salam on the Rasool of Allah-saww’ (offering him the greetings of peace)?’ The Imam-asws said, ‘When Allah-azwj Created His Nabi (the Holy Prophet-saww), Wasi (Imam Ali-asws), the daughter of His Nabi (Syeda Binte Rasool Allah-asws, and their two sons-asws, (Imams Hassan-asws and Hussain-asws) and all ‘A’immah-asws (Leaders with Divine Authority), and their Shia (followers), He-azwj Made a ‘Misaaq’ (a promise) with them to exercise patience, establish good relations and live devotedly before Allah-azwj.

He-azwj Promised to give them the blessed land, the sacred sanctuary, to bring down to them the constructed house (al-Bayt al-Ma ‘mur), to show them the raised ceiling (al-Saqf al-Marfu‘) and grant them-asws relief against their enemies.

Also, Allah-azwj Grants them the earth that He-azwj will Change with peace and protect all that is therein for them-asws without any quarrels therein against the enemies and there will exist all that they-asws love.

The Rasool Allah-saww made a similar ‘Misaaq’ with all (12) Imams-asws and also from their-asws Shia . ‘Offering to peace (Salam) to him is a mention of that promise and renewing it before Allah-azwj, so that perhaps He-azwj will allow that peace to take place soon for all of you with all that is therein.[13]

The Physical Appearance of The Holy Prophet-saww:

The narrator says: Once I asked Imam Abu Ja’far (our 5th Imam – Imam Mohammed Baqir-asws), ‘Describe to me the (appearance of) the Rasool Allah-saww.’ The Imam-asws said, ‘The Holy Prophet-saww had a white reddish complexion, large sharp black and white eyes, the eyebrows almost joined, beautiful hands and feet as if gold molded to the form of his-saww fingers and toes and with clear shoulder bones. When he-saww would turn to a person he did so with the whole of his body, due to kind and tender heartiness.  His-saww neck was long and clear, his-saww nose almost touched the water when he-saww wanted to drink and when walking he-saww somehow leaned forward as if walking on a downward slope. No one similar to him-saww was seen as such before or after the Holy Rasool Allah-saww.[14]

Imam Abu ‘Abd Allah-asws has said, ‘If one looked at the Rasool Allah-saww in the dark night he could see a light like that from the moon radiating from him-saww.[15]

Our 5th Imam-asws says that the Rasool Allah-saww has said, “Allah-azwj has Presented my ‘Umma (followers) to me-saww in the realm of clay and taught me-saww their names just as He-azwj had taught all the names to Prophet Adam-as. (In the heavens) the (groups of) people bearing flags passed by and I prayed and asked forgiveness for Imam Ali-asws’s followers. My Allah-azwj has Promised me a quality for the Shi’a of Ali-asws.

‘It was asked, ‘What is that quality O Rasool Allah-saww?  He-saww replied, ‘It is forgiveness for those of them who are believers and that none of their minor or major sins will be left without being changed to good deeds.[16]

Our 6th Imam-asws said, ‘Once the Rasool Allah-saww addressed the people and he-saww raised his-saww right hand while holding his-saww fingers closed and said, ‘Do you know, O people, what is in my hand?’ They said, ‘Allah-azwj and His Rasool-saww know the best.’ Rasool Allah-saww then said, ‘In my hand there are the names of the people of ‘Jannah’ (the Paradise) along with the names of their fathers and the names of their tribes up to the Day of ‘Qiyamat’ (Judgement).

The Rasool Allah-saww then raised his left hand and said, ‘O people, do you know what is my-saww hand?’ They said, ‘Allah and His Rasool-saww know the best.’ The Rasool Allah-saww then said, ‘In my-saww hand there are the names of the people of hell along with the names of their fathers and the names of their tribes up to the day of ‘Qiyamat’ Judgement.’

Then the Rasool Allah-saww said, ‘Allah-azwj has Decided and He-azwj has Done Justice. One group will go to ‘Jannah’ (Paradise) and the other group to ‘Naar’ (The Hell).[17]

In a special sermon (speech) on the Holy Rasool Allah-saww and Divine Imams-asws and their qualities, our 6th Imam-asws said the following:

The great sins and people’s bad deeds did not prevent Our Lord-azwj, due to His-azwj Patience, Caring and Kindness, from choosing for the people the best of His Prophets-asws.

(Allah-azwj Chose) Prophet Mohammed Ibn ‘Abd Allah-saww, the most respectable one to Him-azwj, and he-saww was sent to a noble family.

The glad news of his-saww coming was mentioned in the Books of the previous Prophets-as and and his-saww qualities were preserved in the memories of the people of wisdom. No person of Hashimite descent (the family tree of the Holy Prophet-saww) has ever reached the level of his-saww discipline and no person of the inhabitants of ‘Abtah’ (Arab) has ever climbed to his-saww high position.

Self-control (from meaningless matters) was of his-saww attributes and generosity was part of his-saww nature. He-saww was made with the dignity of prophet-hood and its discipline

Every nation and every father delivered glad news about him-saww to the next generation. No indecency ever touched him-saww and no illegal relation ever made him unclean.

He was in the best group and of most honourable descent, the tribe of glory, in the well-preserved mother and in the best protective hands. Allah-azwj had Chosen the Holy Prophet-saww as it pleased Him-azwj, Selected him-saww, and Gave him-saww the keys to knowledge and the sources of wisdom. Allah-azwj Raised him-saww as the mercy and blessings for His-azwj servants and as the season of spring for His-azwj lands.

Allah-azwj Sent to him-saww the Book in which there is communication and explanations. The Rasool Allah-saww has explained it (the Book) to people. He-saww has arranged it into a system with the knowledge that explains in detail and a religion in which Allah-azwj has clearly Defined its obligations, determined its limits for the people and has clarified for people (what is expected from them).

There are matters that Allah-azwj has Stated to His-azwj servants openly. In it (the Book) there is guidance to salvation and evidence to show the right guidance. The Rasool Allah-saww has preached the message that he had brought and demanded obedience to what he was ordered to preach and delivered the responsibilities of a Prophet-saww towards his-saww followers.

He-saww exercised patience for the sake of his Allah-azwj and worked hard in the way of Allah-azwj. The Rasool Allah-saww gave good advice to his followers and called them to salvation (Jannah- the Paradise). He-saww encouraged them in the matters of al-Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah-azwj) and showed them the ‘Sabeel’ (Imam Ali-asws – the right path). The Rasool Allah-saww did so with knowledge and with the sources of ‘Noor’ (Divine Light) which he-saww left with the Holy Imam-asws after him-saww. He-saww did that to make sure that Muslims will not be misled after him-saww and he-saww was very compassionate and kind to them.[18]

The narrator of a Hadith says:

‘Abu Abdullah-asws (our 6th Imam-asws) said: ‘Do you know how the women pledge their Allegiances to the Rasool-Allah-saww?’ I said, ‘Allah-azwj Knows, and the son-asws of His-azwj Rasool-saww knows’. He-asws said: ‘They gathered around him-saww, then he-saww called for a container, and poured water into it, and immersed his-saww hand in it, then said: ‘Hear me-saww, O those who are around. You will be pledging Allegiance upon the (conditions) that you will not associate anything with Allah-azwj, nor will you steal, nor kill your children, nor slander by forging with your hands and your feet, nor disobey me-saww regarding the good. Do you accept?’ They said, ‘Yes’. So he-saww took his-saww hand out from the container, then said to them: ‘Immerse your hands’. So they did that’. The hand of the Rasool-Allah-saww was pure, and clean from being touched by a female who was not a ‘Mahram’ to him-saww’.[19]

The Holy Prophet-saww’s Grand Father Hazrat Abd Al-Muttalib-asws

Imam Jafar e Sadiq-asws said: On the Day of ‘Qiyamat’ (Judgement) ‘Hazrat Abd Al-Muttalib-asws (the grandfather of the Holy Prophet Mohammed-saww), who is the first who believed in ‘Bada’ (Allah-azwj’s Divine Plan for people), will be brought as a whole nation and he-asws will have a complexion like those of the Prophets-asws and a majestic presence like those of the kings.[20]

Once, Hazrat Abd Al-Muttalib-asws sent the Rasool Allah-saww to the shepherds of his camels to help them with a runaway camel.

The Rasool Allah-saww collected them all but had delayed in returning home. Hazrat ‘Abd Al-Muttalib-asws out of anxiety was holding the ring of the door of Ka’ba. He-asws kept pleading, ‘Our Allah-azwj, will You-azwj Destroy your own people? (Please do not do so). Then it means that You-azwj have Changed Your-azwj Decision.’ The Rasool Allah-saww came with camels and Hazrat Abd Al-Muttalib-asws had sent people to search him-saww in all directions and valleys of (Makkah). When he-asws saw the Rasool Allah-saww he-asws held him-saww to kiss and said, ‘Son, I-asws will never send you thereafter for anything. I am afraid for you-saww to be kidnapped and killed.[21]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

‘I heard Amir-ul-Momineen-asws saying: ‘By Allah-azwj! Neither my-asws father-as, nor my-asws grandfather-as Abdul Muttalib-as, nor Hashim-as, nor Abd Manaf-as worshipped idols at all’. It was said to him-asws, ‘So what were they-as worshipping?’ He-asws said: ‘They were Praying to the House (Kabah), upon the Religion of Ibrahim-as, being attached to it’.[22]

(Our sixth Imam-asws) Imam Jafar e Sadiq-asws said: At a certain place around the Ka’bah ‘Hazrat Abd Al-Muttalib-asws’s people would spread house furnishings for him only and for no one else. His sons stood around him-asws for protection. Once the Rasool Allah-saww, then a small child who had just begun to walk, came to ‘Hazrat Abd Al-Muttalib-asws’ and sat in his lap. One of the people standing as a guard came to remove the child away but Hazrat Abd Al-Muttalib-asws’said, ‘Leave my-asws child-saww alone. The angel-as has just come to him.[23]

The Holy Prophet-saww’ was brought up and protected by his-saww Uncle Abu Talib-asws:

Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq-asws said: They (non-Shias) think that Hazrat Abu Talib-asws was an unbeliever. They speak lies. How could he be an unbeliever when he said such words as these: ‘Do they not know that we found Mohammed-saww as a prophet like Musa-as (Moses) whose name is written in the ancient books’!’”

Imam Jafar e Sadiq-asws said: Once when the Holy Prophet-saww was in the sacred Mosque wearing new clothes, the pagans threw the contents of the stomach of camel on him and his new clothes were ruined. Allah-azwj Knows how hard it was for him-saww. The Holy Prophet-saww went to Hazrat Abu Talib-asws and asked, ‘What is my honour worth to you-as?

Hazrat Abu Talib-asws asked, ‘What is the matter, O son of my brother?’ The Holy Prophet-saww informed him-asws of the incident.

Hazrat Abu Talib-asws, while picking up a sword, called and asked Hamza-asws to take up arms. He-asws then asked Hamza-asws to pick up the stomach of the camel and they came to the people along with the Holy Prophet-saww.

They found people of Quraysh around the Ka’bah. When they saw Hazrat Abu Talib-asws they read trouble from his-asws face. Hazrat Abu Talib-asws asked Hamza-asws to spread the contents of the stomach of the camel against everyone’s moustache and Hamza-asws did so to the last person. Abu Talib then turned to the Holy Prophet-saww and said, ‘Son of my brother, this is how much we value your honour (we are ready to face such a great risk for it).[24]

Someone once asked Imam Ali-asws, ‘Did the Rasool Allah-saww live under the authority of Hazrat Abu Talib-asws?’ The Imam-asws said, ‘No, but Hazrat Abu Talib-asws was the Trustee of certain (items) of ‘Will’ (which a Prophet-as would pass on to the one after him-as) that he delivered to the Holy Prophet-saww

They then said, ‘So Hazrat Abu Talib-asws delivered the ‘Wills’ to the Holy Prophet-saww because of his Authority over him’?

The Imam-asws said, ‘If so he did not have to deliver the wills to him-saww (the Holy Prophet-saww).’

The person then asked. ‘What was the condition of Hazrat Abu Talib-asws?’ The Imam-asws said. ‘Hazrat Abu Talib-asws acknowledged the Holy Prophet-saww and his-saww Divine Message and delivered to him-saww the (items of) Wills and died on that day.[25]

Imam Jafar e Sadiq-asws said: “When Hazrat Abu Talib-asws passed away, Angel Jibril-as came to the Rasool Allah-saww and said, ‘O Mohammed-saww, migrate from Makkah. There is no one to help and protect you.’ Quraysh revolted against the Holy Prophet-saww and he-saww came out of Makkah running away (from disbelievers).[26]

Shahadat of Rasool Allah-saww

The narrator of a Hadith says that the Soul of Rasool Allah was taken (to the Heavens) when two nights of Safar were remaining (therefore on the 28th of Safar).[27]


Our 6th Imam (Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq-asws was asked by a companion: Inform us (please) if the Holy Prophet-saww died (by natural death) or was killed/murdered?

(The Imam-asws replied) Indeed Allah-azwj Says: ‘When he dies or is killed, will you turn back upon your heels? (Qur’an 3:144). The two women poisoned him-saww before death.” (narrator and his-asws companions) said: ‘Those two women and their fathers were the worst creation of Allah-azwj.[28]

Once Imam Abu Ja’far-asws was asked: ‘How was the prayer for the dead body of the Holy Prophet-saww?’

The Imam-asws said, ‘When Amir-ul-Momineen-asws washed his-saww body and covered him-saww, ten people came in and walked around him. Amir-ul-Momineen-asws, then stood in the middle of them and said, Allah-azwj Showers His blessings upon the Prophet -saww and the angels send ‘Salawat’ (peace upon him) for him. Believers, pray for the Prophet and greet him with the greeting of peace.” (33:56) The group also continued reciting what the Imam-asws said until the people of Medina and people of ‘Awali also said the prayer (for burial) in the same way.[29]

Imam Jafar e Sadiq-asws said: (after the Shahadat of Rasool Allah-saww who was given poison) ‘Al-Abbass came to Amir-ul-Momineen-asws Ali-asws and said, ‘Ya Ali-asws, people have come in a group to bury the Rasool Allah-saww in ‘Baqi al-Musali’, (the Baqi praying place), and one of them came as an imam to lead the Salat.’ Amir-ul-Momineen-asws Ali-asws then came out to the people and said, ‘O people, the Rasool Allah-saww is the Imam whether living or absent (from you). He-saww had said that he-saww must be buried in the place where he-saww had met His Allah-azwj (Passed away). Imam Ali-asws then stood at the door and prayed for him. Then he-asws commanded every ten people to come in and pray for him and leave.[30]

From him (Al Kulayni), by his chain, who said,

‘Amir-ul-Momineen-asws said to Abu Bakr one day: ‘[3:169] And reckon not those who are killed in Allah’s Way as dead; but, they are alive (and) are being provided sustenance from their Lord, and I-asws testify that Muhammad-saww, the Rasool-saww of Allah-azwj died as a martyr. And, by Allah-azwj he-saww will be coming to you. When he-saww does come to you, believe that it is him-saww, for the Satan-la cannot impersonate him-saww. So Ali-asws grabbed the hand of Abu Bakr and showed him the Prophet-saww. The Prophet-saww said: ‘O Abu Bakr! Believe in Imam Ali-asws and in eleven from his-asws sons-asws. They-asws are all like me-saww except for the Prophet-hood. You have no right in it (taking the position as a successor and an Imam).’ (The narrator) said, ‘Then he-saww went away and was not seen’.[31]

Climbing Over the Grave of the Holy Prophet-saww is Prohibited

The narrator says ‘I was in Madina when the section of the roof of the Masjid (Mosque) that covers the grave of the Holy Prophet-saww had crumbled down and the workers were climbing up and down (for repairs). We were asked: ‘Who has an appointment with Abu ‘Abd Allah-asws?

‘Mihran ibn abu Nasr and Isma’il ibn ‘Ammar al-Sayrafi both said, ‘I have an appointment with the Imam-asws.’ I said to them ‘Ask the Imam-asws if it is permissible to climb up and look on to the grave of the Holy Prophet-saww.

Next day we met them’ and we all came together. ‘Isma’il said, ‘We asked your question and he-asws said this: “I do not want anyone to climb above his grave. I do not feel safe for anyone whose eyesight may go away because of catching sight of something that causes him such loss or sees him (the Holy Prophet-saww) standing in prayer.’[32]

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