Noha of Amir-ul-Momineen(asws) at the Holy Grave of Syeda (asws)

After burying Syeda-asws, Amir-ul-Momineen-asws said the following while turning towards the holy grave of Prophet-saww, in the state of immense grief and with torn heart:

Ya Rasool Allah-saww! Salam be upon you-saww from me and from your daughter-asws who has come to visit and reside besides you-saww.  And will rest under dust near you-saww.  Allah-azwj has Joined her-asws with you-saww too soon.

Ya Rasool Allah-saww! It was already too hard for me-asws to come to terms with your-saww separation but the departure of your-saww beloved daughter-asws has left me-asws restless.  I-asws have adhered to the patience from the time I-asws laid you-saww to rest.  Your-saww soul departed from your-saww holy body when your-saww body was resting between my neck and chest.  The Holy words of Book are sufficient from me: ‘Inna lillah hay wa Inna lilla hay Rajaoon’.

You have taken your precious gift back from me, after leaving part of your heart and soul with me-asws for a very short while.   Heavens and earth have become pitch-dark for me and I-asws have plummeted into an eternal grief.  And I-asws will neither find any sleep nor any relief until Allah-azwj also Brings me-asws there where you-saww are.

My-asws heart is wounded and wounds have gone soar and my-asws grief is on the boil.  (O Syeda-asws) How soon we have been separated.  I have sent forward my case (lament) to Allah-azwj.

Your daughter-asws will inform you how your-saww nation got together in usurping the rights of your daughter-asws.  When you ask her-asws, your daughter-asws will tell you-saww, her-asws soul was filled with the immense grief, but she was denied to take it off her chest but she is eager to share with you her heartache.  Indeed, Allah-azwj is the best Judge.  I-asws send Salam on both of you-asws, the Salam which one sends when departing.  I-asws will never be able to leave you-asws, even if I-asws try hard, as I am so wounded but I-asws will also be unable to stay here because I-asws firmly believe in Allah-azwj’s Promise to those who remain patient.

Alas! But patience is better, if cruel and unkind people were not in the power, I-asws would have stayed besides your graves and would cry and cry hard (Matam) as one would do when a loved one departs.  Thus, your daughter-asws, by Allah-azwj, has been buried very discreetly.  Her-asws rights were forcefully taken away, her-asws inheritance was usurped and it occurred so soon that memories of your-saww presence have not even faded.

Ya Rasool Allah-saww!  Our complaints are on their way to Allah-azwj, I-asws will not find anyone better than you-saww to share my grief and offer condolence on your-saww daughter’s Shahadat.’[1]

[1] Ayan al-Shia, Vol., 2, Nahjul Israr, vol. 2, Pg. 219