Who won at Karbala?


Who won at Karbala? It is alleged that Muslims failed to pay heed to the scarifies of Imam Hussainasws, as reflected by the character of almost all Muslims rulers and their followers, initially from Bani Ummaid and Bani Abbas, but continuing and spanning up to our time.

Therefore it’s important to understand the purpose of Imam Hussain’s great sacrifice, what was achieved and what remained? The Jihad (holy war) is out of scope of this short write up and interested readers may like to read one of our earlier publications on Jihad:


In this article, we will try to understand the purpose of Imam Hussain-asws’s great sacrifice, through those Ahadith and ‘Maqtal’[1] accounts, which have miraculously reached us – against the will of rulers of that time.  Further dimensions and complete insight into the actions and adopted approach of Imam-asws will be revealed when the awaited Imam-ajfj of our time rises. May Allah-zawj Bring Forward the ‘Zahoor’ of Imam-ajfj. Ameen Suma Ameen.

It is important to clarify here, why did Imam Hussain-asws opted for Jihad?

Imam Hussain-asws acted in accordance to Divine Commands, as per the Instructions exclusively laid out for the Imam-asws in the Divine Tablet, see the Hadith in point 1 in the main conclusions.

Subsequent to summarising some of the major points we have learned, from the presented Ahadith in the article we will briefly present some Ahadith which emphasis what is expected from us during the month of Muharram.  However, prior to that, we quote an extract from a famous sermon of Imam Hussain-asws (see Appendix I):

Imam Hussain-asws said:

You should clearly understand that you could never observe piety unless you recognise the charter of guidance. You would neither be able to hold fast to the covenant of the Book unless you identify those who have left it, nor would you be able to do justice to Book’s true recitation unless you differentiate those who have made ‘Tahreef’ (changes) to it. If you are able to identify the innovations and favouritism (induced into religion), only then you can see lies, which have been fabricated against Allah-zawj, and see how they are trapped (those) who did fall (into worldly gains against the bounties of the hereafter).  Do not let those, who do not know, make you ignorant.  Seek guidance from those people, who possess a special ‘Noor’ who are the source of deliverance, and they are the Imams-asws who should be followed. (See the rest in Appendix I).

Amir-ul-Momineen Ali-asws Ibn Abi Talib-asws has also emphasised that it’s absolutely necessary for the recognition of ‘Just’ (Haq) to recognition ‘those’ who have left it. An extract from one of Ali-asws‘s Sermons delivered at the place called ‘Qarah’’ is given below:

(Amir-ul-Momineen-asws said):  And know that you will never recognise the guidance until you recognise the ones who have left it, and will never take to the Covenant of the Book until you recognise the ones who broke it, and will never attach yourselves to it until you recognise the ones who have abandoned it, and will never be able to recite the Book as it deserves to be recited until you recognise the ones who altered it, and will never recognise the misguidance until you recognise the Guidance, and will never recognise the piety until you recognise the ones who abused it. (Complete sermon is given in Appendix I).

Main Conclusions:

Imam Hussain-asws’s refusal to the ‘Bayat’ of (allegiance to) Yazid-la and the purpose of going to Kufa may be highlighted below; however, the impact and reforms of Imam-asws’s campaign on Islam and on the lives of human and Jinns are numerous and can never be enumerated!

  • Imam Hussain-asws acted in accordance to Divine Commands, as per the Instructions exclusively laid out for the Imam-asws in the Divine Tablet:

(An extract of a Hadith)

‘The Tablet was handed over to Imam Hussain-asws who broke its seal related to him-asws and opened the Tablet, it was written that he-asws should rise up in order to be martyred and only those will meet martyrdom who will fight in his-asws support.  Thus, Imam-asws acted upon these (Divine) Instructions’ (see Ahadith in next section as well as in Appendix II).

  • Imam Hussain-asws’s struggle had never been directed to topple the government of Yazid-la nor to form a parallel government but to awaken those who had fallen victim of propaganda of the falsehood:

(An extract of a Hadith)

Imam Hussain-asws replied (when told about unreliability of people of Kufa): ‘If my-asws purpose of going to Kufa were to stage a war to topple the government (of Yazid-la), then there was neither a need for me-asws to travel to Kufa, nor to Makkah, I-asws could have done so from my-asws home in Madina’.  Imam-asws showed them the arrays of armed angels lined up in the skies awaiting for the command to assist Imam-asws’.  (see ref.14)

  • Imam Hussain-asws reiterated at several stations, I-asws know, we-asws will be martyred and our innocent children-asws and women-asws will be made captives, however, I-asws will still proceed towards Kufa, as I-asws have been told in my-asws dream by my-asws grandfather-saww (Prophet Muhammad-saww) to leave Holy Kabah (Makkah) and to go to the desert of Karbala:

(An extract of a Hadith)

‘(Imam Hussain-asws said (to Muhammad Bin Al-Hanafiyya: ‘Rasool-Allah-saww came to me (in a dream) after you left me (yesterday) and he-saww said: ‘O Hussain-asws! Go out, for Allah-zawj has Desired that Allah-zawj Sees you-asws being killed’ (in His-zawj Way).

Muhammad Bin Al-Hanafiyya said, ‘We are for Allah-zawj and we are returning to Him-zawj. So what is the meaning of your-asws carrying these women along with you-asws, and you-asws are going out upon a state like this?’

Al-Hanafiyya says, ‘So Imam Hussain-asws said to me: ‘Surely, Allah-zawj has Desired that He-zawj Sees these (children and womenfolk) as captives’. So he greeted Imam-asws and went away.’ (see ref. 6).


3- حَدَّثَنَا أَحْمَدُ بْنُ مُحَمَّدٍ وَ مُحَمَّدُ بْنُ الْحُسَيْنِ عَنِ الْحَسَنِ بْنِ مَحْبُوبٍ عَنْ عَلِيِّ بْنِ رِئَابٍ عَنْ ضُرَيْسٍ قَالَ: قَالَ سَمِعْتُ أَبَا جَعْفَرٍ ع يَقُولُ وَ أُنَاسٌ مِنْ أَصْحَابِهِ حَوْلَهُ إِنِّي أَعْجَبُ مِنْ قَوْمٍ يَتَوَلَّوْنَنَا وَ يَجْعَلُونَنَا أَئِمَّةً وَ يَصِفُونَ بِأَنَّ طَاعَتَنَا عَلَيْهِمْ مُفْتَرَضَةٌ كَطَاعَةِ اللَّهِ ثُمَّ يَكْسِرُونَ حُجَّتَهُمْ وَ يَخْصِمُونَ أَنْفُسَهُمْ بِضَعْفِ قُلُوبِهِمْ فَيَنْقُصُونَ حَقَّنَا وَ يَعِيبُونَ ذَلِكَ عَلَيْنَا مَنْ أَعْطَاهُ اللَّهُ بُرْهَانَ حَقِّ مَعْرِفَتِنَا وَ التَّسْلِيمَ لِأَمْرِنَا

It is narrated to us by Ahmad Bin Muhammad and Muhammad Bin Al Husayn, from Al Hassan Bin Mahboub, from Ali Bin Raib, from Zureys who said,

‘I heard Abu Ja’far-asws saying, and some people from his-asws companions were around him-asws: ‘I-asws am surprised from a people befriending us-asws and making us-asws as being (their) Imams-asws, and they are describing that their obedience to us-asws is Obligatory upon them like the obedience to Allah-zawj, then they are breaking their arguments and are disputing themselves with their weak hearts and they are being deficient of our-asws rights and faulting us-asws of that upon us-asws, ones whom Allah-zawj Gave proof of rights of our-asws recognition and the submitting to our-asws orders.

أَ تَرَوْنَ أَنَّ اللَّهَ تَبَارَكَ وَ تَعَالَى افْتَرَضَ طَاعَةَ أَوْلِيَائِهِ عَلَى عِبَادِهِ ثُمَّ يُخْفِي عَنْهُمْ أَخْبَارَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَ الْأَرْضِ وَ يَقْطَعُ عَنْهُمْ مَوَادَّ الْعِلْمِ فِيمَا يَرِدُ عَلَيْهِمْ مِمَّا فِيهِ قِوَامُ دِينِهِمْ

Are you not seeing that Allah-zawj Blessed and Exalted would Obligate obedience to His-zawj Guardians-asws, then He-zawj would Hide from them-asws news of the skies and the earth, and Cut-off from them-asws the material of knowledge regarding whatever would be referred to them-asws from what is therein the standing of their-asws Religion?’

فَقَالَ لَهُ حُمْرَانُ جُعِلْتُ فِدَاكَ يَا أَبَا جَعْفَرٍ رَأَيْتَ‏ مَا كَانَ مِنْ أَمْرِ قِيَامِ عَلِيِّ بْنِ أَبِي طَالِبٍ ع وَ الْحَسَنِ وَ الْحُسَيْنِ ع وَ خُرُوجِهِمْ وَ قِيَامِهِمْ بِدِينِ اللَّهِ وَ مَا أُصِيبُوا بِهِ مِنْ قبل [قَتْلِ‏] الطَّوَاغِيتِ إِيَّاهُمْ وَ الظَّفَرِ بِهِمْ حَتَّى قُتِلُوا وَ غُلِبُوا

Humran said to him-asws, ‘May I be sacrificed for you-asws! O Abu Ja’far-asws! What is your-asws view of what happened from the matter of the stand (taken by) Ali-asws Bin Abu Talib-asws, and Al-Hassan-asws, and Al-Husayn-asws, and their-asws going out and their-asws standing by the Religion of Allah-zawj, and what they-asws were afflicted with due to it from before, the tyrants killing them-asws, and winning with them-asws until they-asws were killed and overcome?’

فَقَالَ أَبُو جَعْفَرٍ ع يَا حُمْرَانُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ تَبَارَكَ وَ تَعَالَى قَدْ كَانَ قَدَّرَ ذَلِكَ عَلَيْهِمْ وَ قَضَاهُ وَ أَمْضَاهُ وَ حَتَمَهُ ثُمَّ أَجْرَاهُ فتقدم‏ [فَبِتَقَدُّمِ‏] على [عِلْمٍ مِنْ‏] رَسُولِ اللَّهِ إِلَيْهِمْ فِي ذَلِكَ قَامَ عَلِيٌّ وَ الْحَسَنُ وَ الْحُسَيْنُ ص وَ يعلم [بِعِلْمٍ‏] صَمَتَ مَنْ صَمَتَ مِنَّا

Abu Ja’far-asws said: ‘O Humran! Allah-zawj Blessed and Exalted had Pre-determined that upon them-asws, and Decreed it, and Accomplished it, and Decided it. Then He-zawj Flowed it, so He-zawj Advanced the knowledge of Rasool-Allah-saww to them-asws during that. Ali-asws, and Al-Hassan-asws, and Al-Husayn-asws stood knowing the knowledge. He-asws was silent, the one-asws from us-asws who was silent.

وَ لَوْ أَنَّهُمْ يَا حُمْرَانُ حَيْثُ نَزَلَ بِهِمْ مَا نَزَلَ مِنْ أَمْرِ اللَّهِ وَ إِظْهَارِ الطَّوَاغِيتِ عَلَيْهِمْ سَأَلُوا اللَّهَ دَفْعَ ذَلِكَ عَنْهُمْ وَ أَلَحُّوا فِيهِ فِي إِزَالَةِ مُلْكِ الطَّوَاغِيتِ إِذاً لَأَجَابَهُمْ وَ دَفَعَ ذَلِكَ عَنْهُمْ

O Humran, and when it befell with them-asws what befell from the Commands of Allah-zawj and the prevailing of the tyrants upon them-asws, had they-asws asked Allah-zawj to Repel that from them-asws, and insisted regarding it in declining the kingdom of the tyrants, then He-zawj would have Answered them-asws and Pushed that away from them-asws.

ثُمَّ كَانَ انْقِضَاءُ مُدَّةِ الطَّوَاغِيتِ وَ ذَهَابُ مُلْكِهِمْ أَسْرَعَ مِنْ سِلْكٍ مَنْظُومٍ انْقَطَعَ فَتَبَدَّدَ وَ مَا كَانَ الَّذِي أَصَابَهُمْ مِنْ ذَلِكَ يَا حُمْرَانُ لِذَنْبٍ اقْتَرَفُوهُ وَ لَا لِعُقُوبَةِ مَعْصِيَةٍ خَالَفُوا اللَّهَ فِيهَا وَ لَكِنْ لِمَنَازِلَ وَ كَرَامَةٍ مِنَ اللَّهِ أَرَادَ أَنْ يبلغها [يَبْلُغُوهَا] فَلَا تَذْهَبَنَّ فِيهِمُ الْمَذَاهِبُ بِكَ.

Then the expiration of the term of the tyrants and the departure of their kingdom would have been quicker than the cutting of a thread of beads, and it would have scattered. And that which afflicted them-asws from that, O Humran, wasn’t due to sins they-asws had indulged in, nor a Punishment for any act of disobedience they-asws had opposed Allah-zawj in it, but it was for a position and prestige from Allah-zawj, He-zawj Wanted it to reach. Therefore, do not let them take the doctrines away from you’’.[2]

حَدَّثَنَا أَحْمَدُ بْنُ مُحَمَّدٍ السَّيَّارِيُّ عَنْ مُحَمَّدِ بْنِ إِسْمَاعِيلَ الْأَنْصَارِيِّ عَنْ صَالِحِ بْنِ عُقْبَةَ الْأَسَدِيِّ عَنْ أَبِيهِ قَالَ: قَالَ لِي أَبُو عَبْدِ اللَّهِ ع يَا عُقْبَةُ يَقُولُونَ بِأَمْرٍ ثُمَّ يَكْسِرُونَهُ وَ يُضَعِّفُونَهُ وَ يَزْعُمُونَ أَنَّ اللَّهَ تَبَارَكَ وَ تَعَالَى احْتَجَّ عَلَى خَلْقِهِ بِأَمْرٍ ثُمَّ يَحْتَجِبُ عَنْهُ عِلْمُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَ الْأَرْضِ لَا وَ اللَّهِ لَا وَ اللَّهِ لَا وَ اللَّهِ

It is narrated to us by Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al Sayyari, from Muhammad Bin Ismail Al Ansari, from Salih Bin Uqba Al Asady, from his father who said,

‘Abu Abdullah-asws said to me: ‘O Uqba! They are speaking with a matter, then breaking it and weakening it, and they are claiming that Allah-zawj Blessed and Exalted Argued upon His-zawj creatures with a matter, then Hid from him-saww knowledge of the skies and the earth. No, by Allah-zawj! No, by Allah-zawj!’

قُلْتُ جُعِلْتُ فِدَاكَ فَمَا كَانَ مِنْ أَمْرِ هَؤُلَاءِ الطَّوَاغِيتِ وَ أَمْرِ الْحُسَيْنِ بْنِ عَلِيٍّ ع

I said, ‘May I be sacrificed for you-asws! So, what was from the matter of those tyrants, and the matter of Al-Husayn Bin Ali-asws?’

قَالَ بِعِلْمٍ يَأْتِيهِ وَ لأمرهم لَوْ [أَنَّهُمْ‏] ألحا [أَلَحُّوا] فِيهِ عَلَى اللَّهِ لَأَجَابَهُمُ اللَّهُ وَ كَانَ يَكُونُ أَهْوَنَ مِنَ السِّلْكِ الَّذِي فِيهِ خَرَزٌ وَ لَكِنْ يَا عُقْبَةُ بِأَمْرٍ قَدْ أَرَادَهُ وَ قَضَاهُ وَ قَدَّرَهُ وَ [لَوْ] بردت [رَدَدْنَا] عَلَيْهِ [وَ أَلْحَحَنَا] الحلول إِذاً نُرِيدُ غَيْرَ مَا أَرَادَ.

He-asws said: ‘It came with knowledge, and their-asws matter, had they-asws insisted in it to Allah-zawj, He-zawj would have Answered them-asws, and it would have become easier than (breaking) the thread in which are beads. But, O Uqba! He-zawj had Wanted it for a matter and Accomplished it, and Pre-determined it, and had we-asws repelled it and insisted upon the solution, then we-asws would have wanted other than what He-zawj Wanted’’.[3]

After the Shahadat of Imam Hassan-asws, through, Jawda-la, Imam Hussain-asws took the responsibility of Immamat for nearly 10 years.  Imam Hussain remained patient during all this time while persecution and assassinations of his-asws Shias by Muawiyah-la continued. The Imam-asws got on with the facilitation and communication of Divine Commands until the son of Myawiyah-la, Yazid-la, took his place in the middle of 60 A.H. Yazid-la, soon after coming into power, asked for an oath of allegiance from Imam Hussain-asws. A similar attempt had already been made earlier, by Abu Bakr-la when he tried to force Imam Ali-asws, without success, into accepting what he wanted when he legitimatised himself as the successor of Prophet-saww.

No one dared to try it again not even Muawiyah-la. But Yazid-la, out of his arrogance and faithlessness tried to repeat the mistake of Abu Bakr-la by sending soldiers in plain clothes to Medina. Imam Hussain-asws, with the view of safeguarding the great sanctuary of Madina and Mecca, left both of these holy places and travelled towards Kufa. It was also in response to a cry for help from the inhabitants of Kufa, who had written hundreds of letters to Imam Hussain-asws pledging loyalty to him-asws and asking for guidance and deliverance.  Imam Hussain-asws knew it very well that most of them were hypocrites and only wanted to reinstate their lost scholarships which Muawiyah-la used to give them, as his informers and allies against Imam Ali-asws, but Yazid-la had stopped. But as an Apostolic Imam, Imam Hussain-asws had to fulfil the Divine mission of removing the masks of hypocrites and reveal their devious schemes and seeds of contention which were planted at ‘Saqifa’-where the first Muslim caliph was elected.

Imam Hussain-asws reached Karbala on the 3rd of Moharram, a place which is approximately seventy kilometres from Kufa, a desert near the banks of river Euphrates. Yazid-la’s army under the command of Ibne Saad-la encircled Imam Hussain-asws and his companions from all sides and stopped their water supply from the river. Imam Hussain-asws exhausted all means to avert the war, even at the expense of living under intolerable thirst and famished conditions. The sufferers were as young as Hazrat Ali Asghar-asws who was only six months of age.  On the eve of 10th of Moharram, the army of Yazid-la tried to attack Imam Hussain-asws but Imam Hussain-asws gave them another opportunity to rethink their stance and tried to stop them from killing the grandson of Prophet-saww, the last surviving among the ‘people of Kisa’.

There was indeed an effect, as that night saved Hurr bin Riyahi, his slave and son from plunging deep into the hottest zone of Hell, as they deserted Yazid-la’s army by recognising the just and Divine position of Imam Hussain-asws.On the tenth day of Muharram of the year 61/680, the impatient army of Yazid-la, which was lured into getting worldly gains, attacked Imam Hussain-asws’s camps.

One by one all Hashmiad-asws and companions of Imam Hussain-asws were martyred. They were just 72 or 110 in number but had killed thousands of Yazid’s-la soldiers, who were desperate to live to get their worldly rewards and thus ran away from the battle.  Imam Hussain-asws kept on bringing back the bodies of his dear ones as afternoon approached.  Imam Hussain-asws’s final sacrifice was his 6-month-old child, Master Ali Asghar-asws, who was martyred with a three-headed arrow while held in the arms of Imam Hussain-asws.

Yazid-la’s army then attacked Imam Hussain-asws from all directions and started shooting arrows, throwing stones and spears but Imam Hussain-asws responded with fierce courage and strength, while being injured from head to toe, killing thousands of cowards until Allah-zawj asked Imam Hussain-asws to stop and announced (89:27-30): O content soul, return back to Me, I am pleased with you and You are pleased with me.Upon hearing this Imam Hussain-asws went into prostrations. Shamir-la, a general of Yazid-la’s army leapt forward to seize the opportunity and started striking, with his dagger, the back of Imam Hussain-asws‘s throat. At this point, the skies turned red and windstorms started blustering.

A call came from skies; the Muslims have martyred the grandson of the Prophet-saww, and now will never get to observe a single day of blessings. The army of Yazid-la, after ending the war, plundered the ‘haram’ of the Imam-asws and burned the Imam-asws’s tents. They decapitated the bodies of the martyrs, started running horses over the bodies, and left the bodies without burying them.  Then they moved the honourable Ahlul Bait-asws, and took them as prisoners and took them along with the heads of the martyrs to Kufa and Shaam to collect their rewards from Yazid-la.

The narrator of the Hadith says that Abu Abd Allah-asws (6th Imam-asws) said: ‘after Jabrail-as came down to the Rasool Allah-saww with the (news of the future) killing of Imam Hussain-asws; the Rasool Allah-saww held the hand of Imam AIi-asws and spoke to him-asws privately for most of that day until they were both overcome with tears. While they were still together, Jabrail-as from the Lord-zawj of the Worlds – came down to them-asws and said, “Your Lord-zawj Conveys His Salam to both of you and says, ‘It is My-zawj Will that you should remain patient.”’

Abu Abd Allah-asws (6th Imam-asws) said that once, Syeda Binte Rasool Allah-asws came to Rasool Allah-saww and saw that his-saww eyes were filled with tears. Syeda-asws asked him-saww, “What is upsetting you-saww?” Rasool Allah-saww replied, “Jabrail-as informed me that my nation will kill Husain-asws.” When Syeda-asws heard this, she-asws became extremely grieved and restless. So the Prophet-saww informed her-asws of the Imams-asws from her-asws children.[4] This pleased and relieved her-asws.[5]

Amir-ul-Momineen-asws said: ‘The Rasool Allah-saw, came to visit us (one day). Um Ayman had given us some milk, butter, and dates, so we offered it to Rasool Allah-saww. After he-saww ate, he-saww went to a corner of the house and started praying. However, at the end of his-saww last Sujud (postration), Rasool Allah-saww began to cry profusely.

Because of our respect and reverence for him-saww, we did not ask him-saww why he-saww was crying. However, Al-Hussain-asws went and sat on his-asws lap and said, “O Father! When you entered our house (today), we felt a happiness that we had never felt before. But then you started to cry and your crying has grieved us-asws. What made you cry?”

The Prophet-saww replied, “O my son! Jabrail-as came to me-saww just now and informed me-saww that you will all be killed and the places of your martyrdom will be far from one another.”

Hussain-asws asked, “O Father! What is the reward for those who come to the Ziyarah of our-asws graves although they are far from one another?”

The Prophet-saww replied: “O my son! Verily, there will be some groups from my nation who will come to your-asws Ziyarah seeking blessings. By doing so, they will deserve to be visited by me-saww on the Day of Judgment. I will save them from the terrors of the Hour (Day of Judgement) and from their sins. Verily, Allah-zawj will Make them dwell in Paradise.”’[6]

The Dust of Karbala:

Abu Abd Allah-asws said that once, when Imam Hussain-asws Ibn ‘Ali-asws was with the Messenger of Allah-saww, Jabrail-as came to him-saww and told the Prophet that his nation will kill the Imam-asws, so Rasool Allah-saww was extremely grieved. Jabrail-as then gave some dust from Karbala to Rasool Allah-saww. Rasool Allah-saww (while holding the dust of Karbala in his-saww hand) said to it, ‘O dust! You are blissful, and blissful is he-asws who will be killed on you!’[7]

The narrator of the Hadith says: ‘Rasool Allah-saww used to say, “Our Allah-zawj! Abandon those who abandon Husain-asws, kill those who kill him-asws, slaughter those who slaughter him-asws, and do not fulfill their requests.”’

The narrator said that the cursed Yazid-la was soon taken (by Allah-zawj for punishment) and he did not enjoy any pleasure after killing Hussain-asws. He died suddenly with a crisis. He spent the night while he was drunk and he was found dead and deformed in the morning as if he was coated with tar. Anyone who followed the order of Yazid in killing Hussain-asws or anyone who participated in fighting Hussain-asws became insane or was afflicted with leprosy which became a hereditary disease in their progeny. May Allah-zawj‘s curse be upon all of them.[8]

The narrator of the Hadith says: ‘I heard Imam Baqir-asws explain the verse, “Permission (to fight) is given to those against whom war is made, because they have been oppressed, and verily Allah is Mighty to help them” (22:39)” (The Imam-asws said), “This verse was revealed about ‘Ali-asws, Hasan-asws, and Hussain-asws.’[9]

The narrator of the Hadith says: ‘I asked Abu Abd Allah-asws (6th Imam-asws) about the verse, “And whosoever is killed unjustly, then We have indeed given his heir an authority, but let him not exceed the limits in killing. verily he is helped” (17:33) the Imam-asws replied: “This is about the Qa’im-ajfj of the family of Mubammad-saww. When he-ajfj rises, he-ajfj will kill (many people), avenging the blood of Hussain-asws. Even if he-ajfj kills everyone on earth, he-ajfj will not have exceeded the limits in killing. “But let him not exceed the limits in killing” (17:33) means that he-ajfj will not act unconscionably. I swear to Allah-zawj that he-ajfj will kill the descendants of the killers of Hussain-asws for the deeds of their fathers.”’[10]

The Story of Angel Futrus:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (6th Imam-asws) said that when Imam Ali-asws was blessed with Al-Hussain-asws, Allah-zawj Ordered Jabrail-as to descend (to the earth) with one thousand angels to congratulate Rasool Allah-saww. On his way to the Prophet-saww Jabrail-as descended on an island in the sea where an angel named Futrus lived. Futrus was one of the carriers (of the Throne). At one point, Futrus had delayed in carrying out Allah-zawj’s Command. Therefore, his wings were broken and he was thrown onto this island. He continued worshipping Allah-zawj on that island for six hundred years, after which the Zahoor of Imam Hussain-asws took place. Upon seeing Jabrail-as and his group of angels Futrus asked Jabrail-as, ‘Where are you going?’ Jabrail-as answered: ‘Allah-zawj has blessed Prophet Muhammad with a (child), and I have been sent to congratulate him on behalf of Allah-zawj and myself-as.’ Futrus (requested), ‘O Jabrail-as! Take me with you. Perhaps Rasool Allah-saww would pray for my forgiveness.’ So Jabrail-as carried Futrus. When they arrived, Jabrail-as congratulated the Rasool Allah-saww on behalf of Allah-zawj and himself-as, and then informed him-saww of Futrus.

Rasool Allah-saww told Jabrail to bring Futrus inside. After Futrus was brought inside, he informed the Prophet-saww of his situation. The Prophet-saww prayed for him and said to him, ‘Rub (your wings) on the (cloths/cradle) of Hussain-asws and (you will) return to your (original) position (health).’ Futrus rubbed his wings on Hussain-asws and started ascending (to the Heavens). As he was ascending, he said, ‘O Messenger of Allah-saww! Verily your nation will kill him-asws. Verily, as my repayment to him-asws, no one will come to his Ziyarah, say Salam to him, or send blessings on him without me informing him of it.’ Then Futrus ascended (to the heavens).[11]

The Curse of Allah-zawj and the Prophets-as on the killers of Imam Hussain-asws:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (6th Imam-asws) said: ‘One day the Messenger of Allah was in the house of Syeda Binte Rasool-asws and Hussain-asws was sitting on his-saww lap. Suddenly, the Rasool Allah-saww started to cry and fell in Sajadah (prostration). After raising his head, Rasool Allah-saww told his daughter that Allah-zawj the Most High, the Most Exalted just Appeared to him-saww‘” in the most beautiful form and appearance and asked, “O Muhammad-saww! Do you love Hussain-asws?” he-saww replied, “Yes, Hussain-asws is the light of my-saww eyes, the fruit of my-saww heart, my flower (in this life), and the skin between my two eyes.”

‘Allah-zawj Placed His-zawj Hand on the head of Hussain-asws and Said:. “­Blessed is this newcommer baby-asws upon whom I-zawj have Sent My Prosperity, Blessings, Mercy, and Pleasure. My-zawj Curse, Wrath, Chastisement, Disgrace, and Punishment are upon those who hurt him-asws, fight him-asws, incite (the people) against him-asws, and kill him-asws. Verily he-asws is the Master of Martyrs from the first to the last, in this life and in the Hereafter.”’[12]

The narrator of the Hadith says: ‘The first person, to curse the killers of Imam Hussain-asws Ibn ‘Ali-asws, was Hazrat Ibrahim-as, the Friend of Allah-zawj. He ordered his children to curse them and took a covenant from his children (in this regard). After him-as, Hazrat Musa-as Ibn ‘Imran-as cursed the killers of Imam Hussain-asws and he-as ordered his-as nation to do so. Hazrat Dawud-as also cursed them and ordered the Bani Israel to do this. Then Hazrat ‘Isa-as cursed them and he-as used to repeatedly say, “O Bani Israel! Curse the killers of Hussain-asws, and if (any of) you meet Hussain-asws, then support him-asws. Those who are martyred with Hussain-asws are like those who have been martyred with all of the prophets-as who faced (their enemies) and did not run away (from them).”’[13]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (6th Imam-asws) said: ‘Syeda-asws was carrying Imam Hussain one day when Rasool Allah-saww took him-asws from her-asws. Rasool Allah-saww said to Imam Hussain-asws, “Allah-zawj‘s Curse be upon those who (will) kill you. Allah-zawj‘s Curse be upon those who (will) loot you. May Allah-zawj Destroy those who (will) help one another against you-asws. May Allah-zawj Judge between me and those who (will) support others against you-asws.” Syeda-asws asked, “O father-saww! What are you-saww saying?”

‘The Prophet-saww replied: “O My-saww daughter-asws! I-saww remembered the tragedies that will befall him-asws after me-saww and you-asws, and how he-asws will be hurt, oppressed, betrayed, and violated. When this happens, he-asws will be accompanied by a group (of people) who are like the stars of the sky, and (they) will be led toward death. It is as if I can see their camp, the place where they will dismount from their sumpters, and the dust (of Karbala).” Syeda Fatimah-asws asked, “O father-saww! Where is this place you-saww are describing?”

‘The Prophet-saww replied: “It is a land called Karbala. It is the land of ‘KARB’ (agony) and ‘BALA’ (affliction) for us-asws and for the nation. The most evil ones from my nation will rise against them-asws (Hussain and his companions). Even if all of the inhabitants of the Heavens and the earths intercede for one of those who rise against Hussain-asws, their intercession will not be accepted, and they will abide in Hell eternally.” Syeda-asws asked, “O father-saww! So he (Hussain-asws) will be killed?” The Prophet-saww replied: “Yes, O my daughter-asws. (Verily) a group of people who love us-asws will go to him-asws (his Ziyarah). (Verily) no one is more committed to our-asws rights than they are. (Verily) no one on earth other than them will pay attention to Hussain-asws. (Verily) they are those who will join me-saww by my Pool tomorrow (on the Day of Judgement). I-saww will recognise them by their marks when I see them (on the Day of Judgement). (On that day) the followers of every religion will look for their leaders and they (those who go to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws) will look for no one other than us-asws.”’[14]

Abu Ja’far (Imam Baqir-asws) said: ‘The Rasool AlIah-saww would draw Hussain-asws to himself-saww whenever Imam Hussain-asws would enter and would cry. So (once) Hussain-asws asked, “O father-saww! Why are you-saww crying?” Rasool Allah-saww replied: “I am kissing parts of your-asws body which will be struck with swords,”

‘”O father-saww! Will I-asws be killed?” Imam Hussain-asws asked. “Yes. I swear to Allah-zawj that you-asws, your-asws father-asws, and your-asws brother-asws will be killed,” the Prophet-saww replied. “Will the places of our-asws martyrdom be far from each other?” Imam Hussain-asws asked. “Yes. O my-saww son-asws,” the Prophet-saww replied. “So, who from your-saww nation will come to our-asws Ziyarah?” Imam Hussain-asws asked. “No one but the truthful ones from my-saww nation will come to my-saww Ziyarah, to the Ziyarah of your-asws father-asws, to the Ziyarah of your-asws brother-asws, and to your-asws Ziyarah,” the Prophet-saww replied.

Abu Abd Allah-asws (6th Imam-asws) said: ‘Imam Ali-asws (Amir-ul-Momineen-asws), said to Imam Hussain-asws, “O Aba Abd Allah-asws. You-asws have the knowledge of which others do not. O my-asws son-asws! Listen and envision this before it happens to you-asws. I-asws say it by the One-zawj who has my-asws life in His-asws Hand, that the Bani Umayyah will spill your blood but they will not be able to deviate you-asws from your-asws religion nor will they be able to make you-asws forget Praising your Lord-zawj.” Imam Hussain-asws replied, “I say it by the One-zawj who has my-asws life in His-zawj Hand that this is sufficient for me-asws. I-asws submit to that which Allah-zawj has Revealed, I-asws believe the words of the Rasool Allah-saww and I-asws do not contradict the words of my father-asws.”[15]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (6th Imam-asws) said: ‘Abdullah ibn Zubayr told Imam Hussain-asws to come to Makkah and (seek refuge) in, the Haram but Hussain-asws said, “We will not breach its sanctity (by remaining in the Haram) and we will not allow its sanctity to be breached (by) being killed in it. Verily, I prefer to be killed on a mound with red dust than being killed in the Haram.”’[16]

Abu Ja’far (Imam Baqir-asws) said: ‘(Imam) Hussain-asws left Makkah one day. ‘Abdullah Ibn Zubayr accompanied him-asws and said, “O Abi ‘Abd Allah-asws! The season of Hajj has come and you are leaving Makkah to go to Iraq?” (Imam) Hussain-asws replied, “O son of Zubayr! Verily, I-asws prefer to be buried by the shore of the Euphrates (River) than to be buried inside the Ka’bah.”’[17]

The Words of Abu Dharr Ghafari on the Shahadat of Imam Hussain-asws:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

On the day when ‘Uthman expelled Abu Dhar to Rabadhah, people said to him, “O Aba Dhar! Rejoice, for verily this (suffering) is little in the way of Allah-zawj, the Exalted.”

Abu Dharra replied:

How insignificant this (suffering) is (in the way of Allah-zawj)! But how will you feel when Hussain-asws Ibn ‘Ali-asws is slaughtered – in such a terrible way?!

I swear to Allah-zawj that no killing will be greater than the killing of Hussain-asws in (the history of) Islam. Verily, Allah-zawj will Unsheathe His-zawj sword against this nation and Allah-zawj will never sheathe it again. Verily, Allah-zawj will Send an avenger from the progeny of Hussain-asws who will

seek revenge against the people.

I swear to Allah-zawj that If you knew about (the grief) which will overcome the inhabitants of the seas, the mountains, the hills, the trees, and the heavens as a result of the killing of Hussain-asws you would cry so (intensely) that your soul would leave (your bodies).

Seventy thousand angels will be alarmed in every sky through which the soul of Hussain-asws will pass (after he-asws will be martyred). They will all stand up (for him-asws) while their joints will be shaking (in awe of Hussain-asws) until the Day of Judgement.

Every cloud that passes, each (roar of) thunder, and every (strike of) lightning curses the killers of Hussain-asws.

Every day the soul of Hussain-asws is presented to the Messenger of Allah-saww and they meet one another.[18]

Imam Ali-asws Named of the Killers of Hussain-asws Before Time:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

(One day) while Amir-ul-Momineen-asws was delivering a sermon to the people he said, “Ask me before you lose me! I swear to Allah-zawj that I will answer (your questions about) anything you might ask that has happened in the past or will happen in the future.

So Sa’d ibn Abi waqqas'” got up and asked, “O Amir-ul-Momineen-asws! Tell me about the number of hairs that I have on my head and in my beard?”

Amir-ul-Momineen-asws replied, “I say it by Allah-zawj that my-asws dear, the Rasool Allah-saww, informed me-asws that you would be asking me this question. There is a Shaytan rooted in every strand of hair on your head and in your beard and there is a baby sheep in your house who will kill my son, Hussain-asws.”

(‘Abd Al-Samin/Asbagh added), ”’Umar ibn Sa’d (the killer of Imam Hussain-asws) was a child then and he was playing in front of his father (Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas).[19]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Hussain-asws Ibn Ali-asws said:

I-asws say it by the One-zawj who has the life of Hussain-asws in His-zawj Hand, that the Bani Umayyah will kill me and they will not be satisfied with their government until they kill me-asws. Verily, if they kill me-asws, the people will never be able to pray in congregation nor will they ever be able to spend ZAKAT (charity) in the way of Allah again.”

Verily, my-asws family and I-asws are the first ones killed by this nation. I say by the One who has the life of Hussain-asws in His-zawj Hand that the Day of Judgement will not come as long as there is even one man from the Bani Hashim who is enjoying his Iife.[20], [21]

The Shirt of Imam Hussain when He was Martyred:

Imam Abu Jafar-asws (our 5th Imam-asws) has said that when Al-Hussain was martyred, he wore a dark coloured Jubbah (long shirt).  They found thirty-three torn spots in it because of being hit with sword, spears or shooting arrows.[22]

The Letters of Imam Hussain:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Ja’far (Imam Baqir-asws) said:

Hussain Ibn ‘Ali-asws wrote a letter in Makkah to Muhammad read:

In the name of Allah-zawj, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

From Hussain ibn ‘Ali-asws to Mubammad ibn ‘Ali-asws and to those with him from among the Bani Hashim:

Verily those who join me will be martyred and those who stay behind will not achieve victory.


The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Ja’far (Imam Baqir-asws) said:

Imam Hussain-asws Ibn ‘Ali-asws wrote a letter from Karbala to Mubammad Ibn ‘Ali-asws which read:

In the name of Allah-zawj, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

From Hussain-asws Ibn ‘Ali-asws to Muhammad Ibn ‘Ali-asws and to those with him from among the Bani Hashim:

It is as if this life never existed and the Hereafter has always existed.


Signs of the Killing of Hussain Ibn Ali in Different Places:

Abu ‘Abdillah (Imam Baqir-asws) said:

Hisharn ibn ‘Abd Malik[25] sent (some of his soldiers) to take my father (Imam Baqir-asws) to Shaam.

When my father-asws entered (the palace), Hisham said, “O Aba Ja’far-asws! I have brought you-asws here to ask you-asws a question that should not be asked by anyone other than me. I do not think that it is possible for anyone to know of this matter nor do I think that anyone is even capable of knowing of this matter except for one man.”

My-asws father-asws said, “The commander of the believers[26], can ask me whatever he wishes. If’ I-asws know the answer, I-asws will answer it. And if I-asws do not, I-asws will say that’ I do not know, for truth is more worthy of being told.”

Hisham asked:

Tell me about the night on which ‘Ali-asws Ibn Abi Talib-asws was killed. How did those who were absent from the city in which he was killed learn of his-asws killing? And what was the sign of his-asws death (that appeared) for the people? If you know the answer, then tell me if that sign ever reappeared at the death of anyone other than ‘AIi-asws.

My father-asws said:

On the night on which the Amir-ul-Momineen-asws was killed, no rock was moved (anywhere) on earth without fresh blood being seen under it until the break of dawn. The same thing happened on the night on which Harunas, brother of Musa-as, was killed. The same thing happened on the night on which Yusha’ ibn Nun-as was killed. The same thing happened on the night on which ‘Isa-as ibn Maryam-as was raised to the sky. The same thing happened on the night on which Sharm’un ibn Hammun AI-Safa-as was killed. The same thing happened on the night on which ‘Ali-asws Ibn Abi Talib-asws was killed. The same thing happened on the night on which Hussain Ibn ‘AIi-asws was killed.

Imam Sadiq-asws continued:

Hisham’s face and colour changed out of anger (when he heard this) and he was about to attack my-asws father-asws.  But (in the end) Hisham said, “You may return to your family if you so choose.[27]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

A man from Bayt AI-Maqdis said, ‘” I Swear to Allah-zawj that we, the people of Bayt AI-Maqdis and its suburbs, learned of the killing of Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws on the eve of the day on which he-asws was killed.”

(Abu Nasr) asked, “How did they learn of it?”

He replied: We did not move any rock, stone, or mud without seeing fresh, boiling blood under it. And all of the walls became red like blood. The skies rained fresh blood for three days and at night we heard a caller crying out the following poem:

Does the nation that killed Hussain-asws hope to receive the intercession of his-asws grandfather on the Day of Judgement!?

Verily, Allah forbids you to receive the intercession of Ahmad-asws and Abi Turab-asws.

You have killed the best of all those who ever rode (a sumpter). You have killed the best of everyone from among the youth to the elderly.

There was a solar eclipse that lasted three days, after which the sky became filled with so many stars (that they were almost colliding with one another).

On the next day, we were grief-stricken about the killing of Hussain-asws. Shortly thereafter, we learned the disastrous news of the killing of Hussain-asws.[28]

The Killer of a Masoom-asws is always an Illegitimate:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (6th Imam-asws) said:

The killer of Hussain-asws Ibn ‘Ali-asws was conceived illegitimately and the killer of Yabya ibn Zakariyya-asws was (also) conceived illegitimately.[29]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (6th Imam-asws) was asked, “Who stopped Fir’awn from killing Musa-as which is referred to in this verse, ‘Fir’awn said, ‘Let me kill Musa’ (40:26)?’

Imam-asws replied, (Fir’awn could not kill Musaas) because he was conceived legitimately. Verily, the Prophets and the Decisive Proofs are only killed by those who are conceived illegitimately and by the children of adulteresses.[30]

Those who did not Cry on the Martydom of Imam Hussain-asws:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

We heard Abu Abd Allah-asws (6th Imam-asws) say:

When Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws died, everything Allah-zawj has Created cried over him-asws except three things (places): Basra, Damascus, and the family of ‘Uthman.[31]

Crying of Heavens on Imam Hussain-asws:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Ja’far (Imam Baqir-asws) said:

O Zurarah! The Heavens cried for forty days with blood (weeping) over Hussain-asws; the earth cried for forty days by being covered with darkness; the sun cried for forty days by being in eclipse and by turning red; the mountains were torn apart and dispersed; the seas gushed out and the angels cried for forty days over him-asws.

(After Hussain-asws was killed) all of our-asws women stopped dying their hair, using kohl, applying oil, and styling their hair until the head of ‘Ubaydillah ibn Ziyad was sent to us-asws; and even after that we (all) continued to weep over him-asws.

Whenever my grandfather (Imam Sajjad-asws) would remember Hussain-asws; he-asws would cry so much that his-asws tears would moisten his beard and everyone around him-asws would start crying, sympathising with his-asws tears over Hussain-asws.

Verily, the angels (who are posted) by the grave of Hussain-asws cry over him-asws (so much) that every angel in the sky and in the Heavens cries because of their tears.

When the soul of Hussain-asws left (his-asws body), Hell sighed in such an intense way that the earth almost split apart. When the souls of ‘Ubaydil-la ibn Ziyad and Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah – may Allah-zawj‘s Curse be upon them – left their bodies, Hell whooped so intensely that if it was not for Allah-zawj Containing it, using its dedicated keepers, it would have burnt everyone on earth with its outburst.

If permission was given to Hell, it would not have left anything without swallowing it. However, it is restrained by shackles and controlled by orders. Verily, Hell became violent – beyond the control of its keepers-more than once, until Jabra’il went to it and hit it with his wings, after which it was pacified. Verily Hell cries and laments over Hussain-asws and its fire blazes on the killers of Hussain-asws .

If it was not for the Decisive Proofs of Allah-zawj who are on earth, Hell would have destroyed the earth and overturned everything on it. However, the number of earthquakes will increase only when the Hour draws near.

There are no eyes and (there is) not a tear loved more by Allah-zawj than the eyes of those who cry and shed tears over Hussain-asws. Verily, anyone who cries over him-asws connects with Syeds Fatimah-asws, supports her-asws (in her-asws lamentation), connects with the Messenger of Allah-saww, and fulfills our-asws rights.

On the Day of Judgement, everyone will be resurrected while crying except those who have cried over my-asws grandfather – Hussain-asws. Verily, those who have cried over him-asws will receive glad tidings when they are resurrected. They will be delighted and happiness will radiate from their faces. They will feel safe while everyone else will be (extremely) frightened.

(The bad deeds of) the people will be published while those who have cried on Hussain-asws will be sitting with him-asws under the shade of the Throne. They will be conversing with Hussain-asws without any fear of the trials of the Day of Judgement. They will be told to enter Paradise but they will refuse, choosing to sit with Hussain-asws and listen to him speak (instead).

Then the houris (of Paradise) will send after them (from Paradise) and say, –Verily, we and the ‘youths of never-ending bloom’ (56:17) are waiting for you.” However, they will not (even) turn their faces toward the houris because of the extent of the happiness and honour that they feel in their gathering with Hussain-asws.

Verily (on that day), some of their enemies will be pulled by their foreheads toward Hell while others will cry out, “Now we have no intercessors, nor any loving friend” (26:100-101). Verily the enemies will see their position (of those who had cried on Hussain-asws) but they will not be able to reach them or (even) come near them.

The angels will bring messages (from Paradise for those who have cried over Husain-asws) sent by their spouses and their servants, informing them of the blessings that have been prepared for them (in Paradise).

However, they will reply, “We shall come to you ln-ShaAllah.”

The angels will inform their spouses of their response. When their spouses learn of the way in which they are being honoured and of their closeness to Hussain-asws, they will yearn for them even more.

They (those who have cried on Hussain-asws) will (continuously) say, “Praise be to Allah-zawj who protected us from the great terror and the trials of the Day of Judgement and saved us from that which we feared.”

Then some precious saddled conveyances will be brought for them which they will ride to their places (in Paradise) while praising and glorifying Allah-zawj and sending blessings on Muhammad-saww and his family-asws.[32]

The narrator of the hadith says:

I was speaking with Abi ‘Abdillah (Imam sadiq-asws) when his son came. The Imam-asws welcomed him, and then hugged and kissed him.

Then Imam-asws said:

May Allah-zawj Degrade those who degraded you (referring to the children of Imam Hussain-asws). May Allah-zawj Avenge those who oppressed you-asws. May Allah-zawj Disappoint those who abandoned you-asws. May Allah-zawj Curse those who killed you-asws. May Allah-zawj Be your friend, protector, and supporter. Verity, the Prophets-as, the truthful ones, the martyrs, the angels of the Heavens, and our women have been weeping for long.

Then the Imam-asws started to cry and said:

O Aba Basir! When I-asws look at the children of Hussain-asws, grief overcomes me when I remember what was done to them and to their father-asws.

O Aba Basir! Verily, Syeda Fatimah-asws cries and sobs over Hussain-asws. (When Hell hears her-asws voice) it sighs in such an intense way, that if the keepers of Hell -who also hear her-asws voice – did not prepare themselves to restrain it, Hell would burn all of the inhabitants of the earth with its blazing fires and its sparking fumes. They (the keepers) contain and restrain it and hold its doors tightly closed for as long as Syeda Fatimah-asws cries. They do this because of their fear for the inhabitants of the earth. However, Hell is not calmed until the voice of Syeda Fatimah-asws subsides.

Verily, the seas almost split apart and then collide (when they hear the weeping of Syeda-asws). There is a dedicated angel responsible for every drop of water. When these angels hear the voice of Syeda Fatimah-asws, they prevent every drop of water from boiling with their wings; they keep the water together because of their fear for (this) world and everything in it,

(specifically) the people of the earth.

The angels remain in fear (for the people when they hear the voice of Syeda-asws) and cry for her-asws crying. And then they pray to Allah-zawj and beg Him-zawj, after which the inhabitants of the Throne and those who are around it request Allah-zawj. Then the voices of the angels are raised in glorification of Allah-zawj, all because of their fear for the people of the earth.

Even if one of their voices reached the earth, all of the inhabitants of the earth would faint, the mountains would crumble, and the earth would shake (under) its inhabitants.

I (Abu Basir) said, “May I sacrifice myself for you-asws! This is such a great matter.”

Imam-asws replied, “That which you have not heard is even greater than this. O Aba Basir! Do you not want to be among those who support Syeda Fatimah-asws?!”

When I heard this, I cried so much that I could not speak any longer nor could the Imam-asws speak because (of how intensely) he-asws was crying. Then he-asws (the Imam-asws) moved toward his prayer mat and started to supplicate to

Allah-zawj, and I left him-asws in that state.

I could not eat nor sleep that night. The next morning, I was fasting and I was in extreme fear when I went to the Imam-asws. When I saw that he-asws had calmed down, I also calmed down and praised Allah-zawj because no chastisement had befallen me.[33]

Crying of Angels on Imam Hussain-asws:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I heard Abu Abd Allah (Imam Sadiq-asws) say:

Go to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws (as much as you can) even if it is only once a year. Verily, those who go to his -asws Ziyarah, believing in his -asws rights and not denying (his -asws status), will have no recompense but Paradise. They will be sustained with great wealth and Allah-zawj will Bring immediate relief to them.

Verily, Allah-zawj has dedicated four thousand angels to the grave of Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws who cry over him-asws. They accompany everyone who goes to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws back to their families. If they (the Zuwwar) become ill, these angels will visit them. When they die, these angels will attend their funerals, seeking forgiveness for them and asking Allah-zawj to have Mercy on them.[34]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah (Imam Sadiq-asws) said:

When you go to the Ziyarah of Abu Abd Allah (Imam Hussain-asws), maintain silence except when (you are) saying that which is good.

Verily, the angels of the night and of the day from among the Keepers go to the angels who are in Ha’ir. and shake hands with them. However, the angels of Hair do not speak to them because they are crying so intensely.

Therefore, the angels (among the Keepers) wait for them until midday or until sunrise and then they speak to them and ask them about some of the affairs of the Heavens. The angels of Hair abstain from speaking between these times (sunrise and midday) and their crying and supplicating does not diminish.

Verily, the Keepers do not distract the angels of Ha’ir40 between these two times. However, the angels of Ha’ir become distracted when you (those who go to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws) speak.

I asked, “May I sacrifice myself for you-asws! What do the angels-as ask each other and which group asks the other? Is it the Keepers who ask (the angels of Ha’ir) or is it the angels of Ha’ir who ask (the Keepers)?”

Imam-asws replied, “The angels of Ha’ir ask the Keepers because the angels of Ha’ir do not move from their place. However, the Keepers descend from the Heavens and ascend back to them.”

I asked, “What do the angels of Ha’ir ask the Keepers?”

Imam-asws replied:

The Keepers pass by lsma’il, the Angel of Air, in their ascent (to the Heavens) and sometimes they reach him at the same time when the Prophet-saww, Syed Fatimah-asws, Hassan-asws and Hussain-asws, and the (other) Imams-asws, who have passed away, are there (with Isma’il). They (the Ahlul Bayt-asws) ask the Keepers about some matters and about those of you (Zuwwar) who are present in Ha’ir.

They (the Ahlul Bayt-asws) say to the Keepers, “Give them (those who have gone to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws) glad tidings with your prayers.”

The Keepers ask, “How should we give them glad tidings when they cannot hear us?”

The Ahlul Bayt-asws will reply, “Congratulate them and pray for them on our-asws behalf. Verily, these are our-asws glad tidings to them. When they want to leave, surround them and rub your wings on them so that they can feel your presence. Verily, we entrust them to He-zawj whose Trust will never be lost.”

Imam-asws continued:

If the Zuwwar of Hussain-aswsand the people knew the blessings of the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws, they would have fought one another with swords and they would have sold their belongings to go to his-asws Ziyarah .

Verily, when Syeda Fatimah-asws who is accompanied by one thousand Prophets, one thousand Siddiq (truthful), one thousand martyrs, and one million from among the KARUBIYYIN41 who all support her-asws by joining her-asws in crying (over Hussain-asws) – looks at those who go to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws, Syeda-asws cires out in such a way that no angel remains in the Heavens who does not cry, sympathising with her cry.

However, Syeda-asws is not calmed until the Prophet-saww goes to her-asws and says, “O my-saww daughter-asws! (please note) the inhabitants of the Heavens are crying and have been distracted from glorifying and sanctifying (Allah-zawj). Please stop crying so that they can glorify (Allah). ‘Verily Allah Accomplishes His purpose’ (65:3).”

Verily, Syeda Fatimah-asws looks at those of you who are present at the grave of Hussain-aswsand she-asws asks Allah-zawj to Shower you with all of the blessings.

Imam-asws continued, “Do not abstain from the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws‘, Verily the blessings of going to his-asws Ziyarah are much greater than that which can be counted.” [35]

Why the Life-Span of Masoom-asws was Made Short?

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I said to Abu Abd Allah (Imam Sadiq-asws), “May I sacrifice myself for you-asws! How short are your lives, O Ahlul Bayt! And how close are your deaths to one another while the entire creation needs you?!”

Imam-asws replied:

There is a sheet for each one of us (the Imams-asws) which contains everything that we need to do during our-asws time. Once, every order on that sheet has been carried out, we know that our-asws death is imminent. Rasool Allah-saww comes to us-asws and informs us-asws that our-asws death has come and he-saww informs us-asws of the rewards that Allah-zawj has Prepared for us-asws.

Verily, Hussain-asws read the sheet that was entrusted to him-asws, and that which would happen and that which was yet to come were explained to him-asws. There were a few things left on Hussain-asws‘s sheet which had not been fulfilled when he rose to fight. Those matters were that the angels asked Allah-zawj for permission to help Hussain-asws (in fighting) and Allah-zawj Granted it to them. While they were preparing themselves for battle, Hussain-asws was killed. When the angels descended (to earth), they found that Hussain-asws‘s time had passed and he-asws had been killed.

Therefore, they said (to Allah-zawj), “O Lord-zawj! You-zawj Gave us permission to descend to earth to support Hussain-asws but when we arrived, You had already Taken him-asws back (to Yourself-zawj)!”

Allah-zawj – the Most Exalted – Revealed to them, “Stay by his-asws grave until (the day) when you see him-asws rise (again) and then support him-asws. Cry over him-asws and over losing the opportunity to support him-asws. Verily, you have been chosen to support him-asws as well as to cry over him-asws.

The angels were grieved and they cried and mourned over losing the opportunity to support Hussain-asws. However, when he-asws rises, they will be (among) his-asws supporters.[36]

The Crying of the Heavens over Imam Hussain-asws:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I heard Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) say:

“We have not given that name to anyone before (him)” (19:7). Hussain-asws Ibn ‘Ali-asws‘s name was not given to anyone before him-asws and Yahiya-as ibn Zakariyya-as‘s name was also not given to anyone before him-as. And the Heavens have never wept over anyone for forty days except for the two of them.

I asked, “How did the Heavens weep?”

Imam-asws replied, “The heavens became red at the time of sunrise sunset.[37]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

(One day) while we were sitting with the Amir-ul-Momineen-asws in Rubbah, Hussain-asws entered.

(When Amir-ul-Momineen-asws saw him-asws), he-asws smiled in a way that one could see his-asws teeth.

Then he (Amir-ul-Momineen-asws) said:

Allah-zawj has mentioned some people in the Qur’an by saying, “Neither did the heavens weep over them, nor the earth, nor were they granted respite” (44:29). I-asws say by the One-zawj, who Split the grain and created the living beings, that he-asws (Hussain-asws) will be killed and the Heavens and the earth will weep over him-asws.[38]

The Lamentation of Jinn on Imam Hussain-asws:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

A jinn cried over Hussain-asws Ibn Ali-asws and recited the following verses:

How will you respond to the Prophet-saww if he-saww asks you:

(O people!) You were the last of the nations. What did you do to my-saww family-asws, my-saww brothers, and those whom I-saww honoured?

Why are they either caught as captives or killed, covered in blood?[39]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abul Hassan-asws (Imam Ali Reza-asws) said:

As Imam Hussain-asws was travelling toward Iraq, he-asws heard a man recite the (following) verses in middle of the night:

O my camel! Do not be frightened by my scolding and break out before the rising of dawn.

(Carry me to) the best of riders on the best of journeys until you arrive at the most honourable place.

(Carry me to Hussain-asws) whose grandfather-saww is the most glorious grandfather and Hussain-asws is the most noble one-asws. Verily, Allah-zawj has Chosen him-asws for the best of affairs.

May he-asws remain until the end of time!

Imam Hussain-asws replied by reciting the following verses:

I-asws shall go toward death and there is no shame for a man in death as long as his-asws intentions are based on the truth and he-asws fights (for Allah-zawj) as a Muslim.

(There is no shame in death for men) as long as they support the righteous ones-asws, fight the criminals, and abandon the sinners.

(I-asws shall fight) and if I-asws live, I-asws shall not have any regrets. And if I-asws am killed, I will not be blamed. Nothing is more humiliating than living under the humiliation of the oppressors.[40]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Muhammad-asws Ibn ‘Ali (Imam Baqir-asws) said:

When Hussain-asws was about to leave Madina, the women of Bani Abdil Muttalib-asws gathered around him-asws and started mourning.

Imam Hussain-asws (stood up) and started walking among them and said, “I-asws ask You by Allah-zawj not to Disobey Allah-asws and His Messenger-saww by revealing this matter (publicly).” The women replied: Then who should we cry and mourn over if we do not mourn today, for today is like the day when the Rasool Allah-saww, Ali-asws, Syeda Fatimah-asws, …died.

O the most loved one-asws from among (our loved ones) who have passed away! We ask you-asws by Allah-zawj (to allow us) to be your-asws ransom to keep death away from you-asws.

Then one of his-asws aunts came forth crying and said:

O Hussain-asws! I testify that I heard the jinn lament over you-asws and recite the following verses:

Verily, the slain one from the family of Hashim-asws lowered the necks of the Quraysh and disgraced them.

He-asws was the love of Rasool Allah-saww and he-asws was not an immoderate person.

(O Hussain-asws) Your tragedy is the greatest tragedy and it has grieved everyone.

Imam Baqir-asws added:

The Jinn also recited the following poem:

Weep over Hussain-asws, the master, the one whose death turned the hairs white.

You have been afflicted with earthquakes and the moon has eclipsed because of his-asws killing.

And the horizons turn red (everyday) at sunrise and sunset.

And the sun has been covered with dust and the earths have been covered with darkness.

He-asws is the son of Syeda Fatimah-asws and the entire creation has been afflicted by his-asws tragedy.

(After the killing of Hussain-asws) we have lost our glory and we have inherited humiliation.[41]

Cursing of the Pigeons on the Killers of Hussain-asws

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said:

Choose pigeons as birds in your houses, for verily they curse the killers of Hussain-asws.[42]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I was sitting in the house of Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws): and I saw a pigeon who was cooing for a long time.

Then Abu Abd Allah-asws looked at me and asked, “O Dawud! Do you know what this bird is saying?”

I replied, “May I sacrifice myself for you-asws! No, I do not.”

Imam-asws said, “It is cursing the killers of Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws.  Therefore, choose pigeons as birds in your houses.’[43]

The Lamentation of the Owl on Hussain-asws

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws): asked, “Have you ever seen an owl during the day?

(People) replied, “No, it never appears during the day. It only appears at night.”

Imam-asws said:

The owls used to take only developed structures as abodes but when Hussain-asws was killed, they refused to stay in developed structures and refused to take anything but wreckages as abodes.

Verily, the owls always fast during the day and they are grieved until nightfall. At night they chant in grief over Hussain-asws until morning.[44]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I went to (Imam) Ali Reza-asws and he-asws asked me, “What do people say about owls?”

I replied, “May I sacrifice myself for you! We have come here to ask you (about this).”

Imam-asws. said:

At the time of my grandfather-saww, the Rasool Allah-saww, owls used to live in palaces, houses, and developed structures. When people used to eat, owls would fly and sit next to them and people would throw (their) food to them and give them water, after which they would return to their nests.

However, when Hussain-asws was killed, the owls abandoned the developed structures for wreckages, mountains, and deserts and they said, “What an evil nation you are! You have killed the son-asws of your Prophet-saww‘s daughter-asws. We will never feel safe with you again.’[45]

The Reward for Those Who Cry Over Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws

The narrator of the Hadith says

‘Ali-asws Ibn Hussain-asws (Imam Sajjad-asws) used to say:

Any believer who cries over Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws with (even) one tear running down his cheek will be rewarded by Allah-zawj for that tear; he will be made to dwell in rooms in Paradise where he will stay forever.

Any believer, who cries over us-asws with (even) one tear running down his cheek because of his grief over the way in which our enemies hurt us-asws in this life, will be rewarded by Allah-asws for that tear; he will be made to dwell in good settlements in Paradise.[46]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said to me, “O Misma’! You are from Iraq. Do you not go to the grave of Hussain-asws?”

I replied: No.  I am well-known among the people of Basra and we have some people there who are the followers of the Caliph. We (also) have lots of enemies from among the tribes, Nussab[47] and others. I do not feel safe, for they might report me to the son of Sulayman (the governor of Kufa) and they will torture me to act as a deterrent for others.

Imam-asws asked, ‘Do you not remember what was done to him-asws (Hussain-asws)?”

I replied, “Yes.”

Imam-asws asked, “Do you grieve impatiently (over Husain-asws‘s tragedy)?”

I replied, “Yes! I swear to Allah-zawj (that I do)! I cry over (that which was done to him-asws) so much that my family sees the effect (of my grief) over me. And I abstain from eating and its effects (also) appear on my face.”

Imam-asws said:

May Allah-zawj‘s Mercy be upon your tears! Verily, you are counted among those who grieve impatiently for us-asws, those who are happy for our happiness and grieve over our grief, and those who are afraid when we are afraid, and feel safe when we feel safe. Verily, when you die, my forefathers-asws will be there for you and they will be giving recommendations to the Angel of Death about you. Verily, the glad tidings that they (my forefathers-asws) will give you will be a greater reward than this. Verily, the Angel of Death will be more kind and merciful to you than a compassionate mother is to her son.

Then the Imam-asws started to cry and I cried with him-asws.

Then he-asws said:

Praise be to Allah-zawj, who by (His-zawj) Mercy, Gave preference to us-asws and favoured us-asws, the Ahlul Bayt-asws, above (the rest of) His-zawj creation. O Misma’! Verily, the earth and the Heavens continuously cry for us-asws, sympathising with us-asws since the day Amir-ul-Momineen-asws was killed. And the number of angels who cry over us-asws is even greater than this.’?” The tears of the angels have never stopped since (the day) our-asws killing began.

Allah will have mercy on whoever cries, sympathizing with that which was done to us-asws, even before his tears fall from his eyes. (Verily) if one of the tears which runs on his cheeks were to fall over Hell, it would extinguish the (burning) heat of it in such a way that no heat would remain in it (at all).

Verily those whose hearts ache for us-asws will be pleased by seeing us-asws at the time of their death in such a way that this pleasure will stay in their hearts until they meet us-asws by the Pool (on the Day of Judgement).

Verily, (the Pool of) Kawthar will be delighted when one of our devotees comes to it and will serve him with various kinds of food to such an extent that he (the lover of the Ahlul Bayt-asws) will not ever wish to leave (the Pool).

O Misma’! Those who drink (even) one sip from the Pool will never feel thirsty again and they will never ask for (another) drink again. It is as cold as camphor, as fragrant as musk, and as tasty as ginger. It is sweeter than honey, softer than butter, more pure than a tear, and more aromatic than ambergris.[48]  It emerges from Tasnim[49] and it passes through the rivers of Paradise and flows over a riverbed made of pearl and corundum. The number of jugs in it is greater than the number of stars in the sky; they are made of gold, Silver, and various kinds of gems.

Its fragrance (the Pool of Kawthar) can be smelled from a distance of one thousand years and such great fragrances emanate from it onto the face of whoever drinks from it, that he will say, “I wish if I could have been left right here. I do not need anything other than this and I do not wish to be moved from here.”

O son of Kirdin! Verily, you will be among those whose thirst will be quenched by it, and everyone whose eyes cried on us-asws will be blessed by looking at Kawthar and will be given a drink from it.

Verily, the desires of those who love us-asws more will be satisfied in a greater way, and they will feel more pleasure, and they will find the water from the Pool of Kawthar more tasty than those who love us less.

Verily, the Amir-ul-Momineen-asws will be standing by the (Pool of) Kawthar and he-asws will have a stick made of boxthom”[50] in his-asws hand with which he-asws will smash our enemies (in such a way) that one of our enemies will say, I testify that there is no god but Allah-zawj and Muhammad-saww is the Messenger of Allah-zawj!”

“Amir-ul-Momineen-asws will reply, “Go to your leader, so-and-so, and ask him to intercede for you.”

The man will say, “My leader, whom you mentioned, dissociates himself from me.”

Amir-ul-Momineen-asws– will reply, “Go back and ask the one whom you used to love, follow, and whom you preferred above the rest of creation to intercede for you since he was the best of creation in your eyes, for verily (only) the best of creation can intercede.”

The man will say, “I am dying of thirst!”

Amir-ul-Momineen-asws will reply, “May Allah-zawj Increase your thirst and your need for water!”

I (Misma’) asked, “May I sacrifice myself for you! How can he (this enemy) even come close to the Pool when others cannot?”

Imam-asws replied:

He stayed away from hideous acts and abstained from insulting us-asws -. the Ahlul Bayt-asws – when we had been mentioned in his presence and he avoided some other (hideous) acts which others had dared to commit.

However, none of this (abstaining from these evil deeds) was based on following us-asws or loving us-asws. Rather, it was based on his diligence in worship and in religious acts and based on being preoccupied with himself rather than talking about others.

However, the heart (of such a person) is filled with hypocrisy and his religion is based on hating us-asws, following those who incite hatred toward us-asws, believing in the authority of those two people[51] of the past, and preference to them over everyone else.[52]

Reward for Those Who Recite a Verses about Hussain-asws, Cry, and Make Others Cry

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said to me, “O Aba Harun! Recite a poem for me-asws about Hussain-asws.”

The Imam-asws said, “Recite it in the same way that you (usually) recite – a grief-stricken tone.”

Then I recited (the poem which starts with) the following verse:

“Pass by the grave of Hussain-asws and say to his purified bones … ”

Imam-asws cried and asked me to recite more Verses for him-asws. I recited another for him-asws. The Imam-asws cried (again) and I also heard (women) crying behind the curtain.

After I finished, the Imam-aswssaid to me:

O Aba Harun! If one recites a poem about Hussain-asws and cries and makes then people cry, Paradise will be registered for him and for them. If one recites a Verse about Hussain-asws and cries and makes five people cry, Paradise will be’ registered for him and for them. If one recites a poem about Hussain-asws and cries and makes one person cry, Paradise will be registered for him and for he who cries.

Those who shed tears when Hussain-asws is mentioned in front of them will rewarded by Allah-zawj Himself, even if their tears are as small as the wing of fly. And Allah-zawj will not be Pleased with any reward for them less than Paradise.[53]

The Reward for Remembering Hussain-asws and Cursing His -asws Killers when Drinking Water,

The narrator of the Hadith says:

(One day) when I was with Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws), he-asws asked for some water. After he-asws drank it, his eyes were filled with tears and the Imam-asws started to cry.

Then he-asws said to me:

O Dawud! May Allah-zawj‘s curse be Upon the killers of Hussain-asws. Verily, if a slave (of Allah-zawj) drinks water, remembering Hussain-asws and cursing his-asws killers, Allah-zawj will Register one hundred thousand good deeds for him. Allah-zawj will Wipe one hundred thousand bad deeds from his (book of) deeds and will add one hundred thousand ranks to his status; and it will be as if he has freed one hundred thousand slaves.

On the Day of Judgement, Allah-zawj will Resurrect him with his heart filled with peace.[54]

Crying of Imam ‘Ali-asws Ibn Hussain-asws on (His Father) Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said:

Ali-asws Ibn Hussain-asws (Imam Sajjad-asws) cried over his-asws father-asws, Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws, for twenty years – or forty years[55] – and whenever food was brought to him-asws, he-asws would cry over Hussain-asws

One day his-asws servant said to him-asws, “May I sacrifice myself for you-asws, O son of Rasool Allah-saww! I am afraid that you-asws will die (from grief).”

Imam Sajjad-asws replied, I only complain of my distress and grief to Allah, and I know from Allah what you do not know’ (12:86). Verily, whenever I remember the killing of the children of Syeda Fatimah-asws, I-asws am choked with tears over them.[56]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

One day, a servant of Ali-asws Ibn Hussain-asws (Imam Sajjad-asws) saw him in chamber, crying in prostration.

He said, “O my master! Is it not time for your grief to end?”

Imam-asws raised his head toward him and said:

Woe unto you! – Or may your mother weep on you![57] – , I say it by Allah-zawj that Ya’qub-as complained to his Lord-zawj of a matter much less (painful) than that which I have seen and he said, “Alas (my grief) for Yusuf!” (12:84). He-as had only lost one son but I saw my-asws father-asws and a group of my-asws family-asws slaughtered around me-asws.

The narrator added:

‘Ali-asws Ibn Hussain-asws used to sympathise with the children of ‘Aqil

Therefore, some people asked him-asws, “Why do you have more sympathy for the children of ‘Aqil than (you have for) the children of Ja’far?[58]

Imam Ali Ibn Hussain-asws replied, “I remember their day with Aba Abd Allah-asws Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws, and I-asws sympathize with them.[59]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Whenever Hussain-asws was mentioned in front of Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) during the day, he-asws would not be seen smiling until nightfall.

Imam-asws used to say, “Hussain-asws, is the tear of every believer![60]

No Believer would remember Imam Hussain-asws without Crying:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said:

(Imam) Hussain-asws Ibn AIi-asws said, “I am the Martyr of Tears. No believer remembers me without crying.[61]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I went to Abu Abd Allah (Imam Sadiq-asws). While I was with him, (my) servant came to me and said, “I brought the sumpter (ride) for you.”

Imam-asws asked me, “O Um Sa’id! What is the sumpter for and where do you intend to go?”

I replied, “I want to go to the Ziyarah of the graves of the martyrs-asws (of Uhud).”

Imam-asws said, “Postpone it for today. How strange are you people of Iraq!! You come to the Ziyarah of the martyrs (of Uhud) from a long distance but you neglect going to the Ziyarah of the Master of the Martyrs-asws!”

I asked, “Who is the Master of the Martyrs?”

Imam-asws replied, “Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws.”

I said, “(I do not go to his Ziyarah because) I am a woman.”

Imam-asws replied, “There is nothing wrong with women like you going to Ziyarah.”

I asked, “What is the reward for going to his Ziyarah?”

Imam-asws replied, “The reward of one Hajj and one ‘Umrah, I’tikaf[62] for months in Masjid Al-Haram while fasting, and this much reward.” Um Sa added that the Imam-asws  extended his-asws arms out and then closed them three times (to explain ‘this much reward’).[63]

The Ziyarah of Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws by the Prophets-as

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I heard Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) say:

There is no Prophet in the heavens or on earth who does not ask Allah-zawj for permission to go to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws. (There is always) a crowd (of prophets-as) descending (to go to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws) and a crowd ascending (back to the Heavens).

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I went to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws toward the end of the reign of Bani Marwan[64] and I was trying to hide from the people of Sham. When I arrived in Karbala, I hid in the suburbs of the village until midnight, after which started approaching the grave (of Imam Hussain-asws).

When I arrived near the grave, someone came toward me and said, “Go back! You have been rewarded! You will not be able to go to him-asws now.”

I left in fear. I waited until it was close to dawn and then I went back toward the grave.

When I arrived near the grave, the same person came toward me again a said, “O man! You still cannot go to him-asws.”

So, I said, “May Allah-zawj Keep you well! Why can I not go to him-asws? I have come from Kufah for his-asws Ziyarah, Therefore, do not prevent me – may Allah-zawj Keep you well! I am afraid that the sun will rise and if the people of Sham find me here, they will kill me.”

He replied:

Wait for a while because Musa Ibn ‘Imran-as asked Allah-zawj to Give him permission to come to the Ziyarah of the grave of Hussain-asws and Allah-asws has Granted him-as permission. Musa-as has descended from Heavens with seventy thousand angels and they have been here since the beginning of the night and they are waiting for dawn, after which they will ascend to the Heavens.

I asked, “May Allah-zawj Keep you well! Who are you?”

He replied, “I am one of the angels who is ordered to protect the grave Hussain-asws and to seek forgiveness for those who come to his-asws Ziyarah.”

So I left, having almost lost my mind from hearing what I had heard.

At dawn, I went back toward the grave. However, this time no one stop me. I went to the grave and said Salam to Hussain-asws, cursed his killers. Prayed the Fajr Salat, and returned quickly because of my fear of the people of Sham.[65]

The Ziyarah of Hussain-asws Ibn ‘AIi-asws by the Angels

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I heard Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said:

There is no angel in the Heavens or on earth who does not ask Allah-zawj for permission to go to the Ziyarah of the grave of Hussain-asws. (There is always) a crowd descending (to go to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws) and a crowd ascending (back to the Heavens).[66]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I said to Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said:

On the night of ‘Arafah, I was in Ha’ir praying. I saw close to fifty thousand handsome men who smelled beautiful and who were praying Salat all night. It was after dawn that I prostrated and when I raised my head, I could not see any of them.

Abu Abd Allah-asws said to me:

Fifty thousand angels passed by Hussain-asws while he-asws was being killed so they ascended to the Heavens.

Allah-zawj, the Exalted, revealed to them, “You passed by the son of My love and he was being killed but you did not help him-asws. Descend to the earth and dwell near his-asws grave while you are disheveled and covered with dust until the rising of the Hour.[67]

The Messenger of Allah-saww, ‘Ali-asws, Fatimah-asws, and the Imams-asws Pray for Those Who Go to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws Ibn Ali-asws

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said to me:

O Mu’awiyah! Do not neglect going to the Ziyarah of the grave of Hussain-asws because of fear. Verily, he who abandons the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws (for any reason) will regret it so much that he will wish that his grave was next to him-asws.186 Do you not like Allah-zawj to See you among those for whom Rasool Allah-saww, ‘Ali-asws, Syeda Fatimah-asws, and the Imams-asws pray?![68]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I asked permission to enter and see Aba ‘Abdillah (Imam Sadiq-asws). Once permission was granted to me, I entered and found him on his musallah (praying mat) in his house (establishing prayers). I waited until he finished his pray and then I heard him recite the following supplication:

Our Allah-zawj! O the One-zawj who has Chosen us-asws for honour, promised us the Power of intercession, Chosen us-asws as the successors, Given us-asws the knowledge of that which has passed and that which remains, and made the hearts of some of the people to desire for us-asws!

(Our Allah-zawj) Forgive those who go to the Ziyarah of my father, Hussain-asws, and those who spend their wealth to travel, seeking to please us-asws and hoping for (the reward) which You-zawj have Prepared for connecting with us-asws. They go (to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws) to make Your Prophet-saww happy, to obey our-asws commands, and that is disliked by our-asws enemies. By doing this, they want to please You-zawj. Therefore, Reward them on our behalf by Ridwan[69],  Protect them day and night, Compensate their families and their children whom they left behind in the best way and Befriend them, Keep them away from the harm of every cruel tyrant and every weak or strong one from Your-zawj creation, Keep them away from the evil of every devil from among the men and the Jinn, Grant them the best of that which they have requested from You-zawj while they are away from their homes for having chosen us-asws over their families, their children, and their relatives.

Our Allah-zawj! Our enemies have criticised them for going (to our Ziyarah) but that did not stop them from coming to us-asws and they went against those who are against us-asws. So have mercy on those faces which have been changed by the sun. Have mercy on those cheeks which have rolled over the grave of Abu Abd Allah Al-Hussain-asws. Have Mercy on those eyes which have shed tears on us-asws with sympathy. Have Mercy on those hearts which have become restless and anguished for us-asws and have Mercy on their screams for us-asws.

Our Allah-zawj! I entrust those bodies and souls to You-zawj until the day of the great thirst when You-zawj will Quench their thirst with the Pool (of Kawthar).

Muawiyah ibn Wahab continued:

Imam-asws kept repeating this supplication in prostration.

When he-asws finished, I said, “May I sacrifice myself for you-asws! I think that if this supplication applies to even the people who do not know Allah-zawj, the Great and Almighty, the fire (of Hell) will never touch them!!! I swear to Allah-zawj that (now) I wish I had gone to his Ziyarah instead of going to Hajj.”

Imam-asws said, “You live so close to him-asws. What prevents you from going to his-asws Ziyarah? O Mu’awiyah! Why do you neglect it?”

I replied, “May I sacrifice myself for you-asws! I did not think that it was this important.”

Imam-asws said, “O Mu’awiyah! The number of those in the Heavens who pray for those who go to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws is greater than those who pray for them on earth.[70]

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said to me:

O Mu’awiyah! Do not neglect going to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws because of fear. Verily, he who abandons the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws (for any reason) will regret it so much that he will wish that his grave was next to him-asws. Do you not like Allah-zawj to See you among those for whom the Rasool Allah-saww, Ali-asws, Syeda Fatimah-asws, and the Imams-asws pray?

Do you not like to be among those who return with forgiveness for their past sins and (do you not like) to return from his-asws Ziyarah with seventy years of sins forgiven for you?! Do you not like to be among those who will not have any sins about which they will be questioned when they leave this life? Do you not like to be among those whose hands the Rasool Allah-zawj will shake tomorrow (on the Day of Judgement)?![71]

The Angels’ Pray for Those Who Go to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said:

There are four thousand angels by the grave of Hussain-asws who are disheveled and covered with dust. They cry over him-asws (and will continue to do so) until the Day of Judgment. Their chief is an angel named Mansur[72].

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said:

It is as if I can see the Qa’im-ajfj in Najaf (next to) Kufah wearing the armour of Rasool Allah-asws.

He-ajfj will shake the armour (first) and then it will wrap itself around him-ajfj, after which he-ajfj will cover it with a robe made of brocade.

He-ajfj will be riding a pitch-black horse which has a raceme[73]?’ on its forehead.  He-ajfj will jump (with) the horse in such a way that people in every country will see him as if he-ajfj is with them in their (own) country.

Then he-ajfj will unfold the flag of the Messenger of Allah-saww.  The flag-pole is from the pillars of the Throne while the rest (of the flag) is from Allah Victory! If he-ajfj points this flag to anything, Allah-zawj will Destroy it. When shakes the flag, the heart of every believer will become like a strong piece of iron and each believer will be given the strength of forty men.

Every believer who has died will feel the happiness (of the rising of Qa’im-ajfj) in his grave. They (the dead believers) will start visiting one another in their graves and will give glad tidings to one another about the rising of the Qa’im-ajfj. ,

Then thirteen thousand three hundred and thirteen angels will join the Qa’im-ajfj.

I (Aban ibn Taghlib) asked, “This many angels will join him-ajfj?”

The Imam-asws replied:

Yes. (These are) the angels who were with Nuh in the ark[74] with Ibrahim-as when he-as was cast in the fire, with Musa-as when he-as split the sea for the Bani Israel, and who were with ‘Isa-as when Allah-zawj Ascended him-as to Himself-zawj.

Among these angels are also those who came to fight for Imam Hussain-asws but were not permitted to (fight).

They (these four thousand angels) remain by the grave of Hussain-asws, immersed in grief and covered with dust. They cry over him-asws (and will continue to do so) until the Day of Judgement. Their chief is an angel named Mansur.

These angels receive everyone who comes to the Ziyarah of Hussain-asws Ibn Ali-asws and they accompany them when they bid farewell to Hussain-asws. They visit them if they become ill, establish prayers on them at their funerals when they die, and seek forgiveness for them after their death.

All of these angels are on earth waiting for the rising of the Qa’im-ajfj.[75]

How to Offer Salat next to the Grave of Imam Hussain-asws?

The narrator of the Hadith says:

A man came to Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) and asked, “O son of Rasool Allah-saww! Should one go to the Ziyarah of your father (Hussain-asws)?”

Imam-asws replied, “Yes and establish Salat (prayers) next to his-asws grave. But one should not establish Salat in front of the grave, but rather, one should stand behind it when establishing Salat.”

The man asked, “What is the reward for those who go to his-asws Ziyarah?”

Imam-asws replied, “Paradise, (but only) if they believe in his-asws Imamate.”

The man asked, “What about those who neglect his-asws Ziyarah intentionally?”

Imam-asws replied, “(They will) regret (it) on the Day of Regret (Judgement).”

The man asked, “What about those who stay (a few days) by his-asws grave?”

Imam-asws replied, “Every day will be equal to one thousand months (of worship).”

The man asked, “What about those who spend money while travelling to his-asws Ziyarah and who give charity near his-asws grave?”

Imam-asws replied, “Every Dirham is equal to one thousand Dirhams.”

The man asked, “What about those who die on their way to him-asws?”

Imam-asws replied:

The angels will bring embalmment and shrouds for them from Paradise and accompany them in their funerals. After they are shrouded (by the people), the angels will establish prayers on them and shroud them (again with another shroud) over their (existing) shrouds.

Then they will spread flowers under their bodies (in their graves) and will push the walls of their graves three miles from every direction.

Then a door from the doors of Paradise will be opened to their graves and its soothing fragrance will fill their graves until the rising of the Hour.

The man asked, “What about those who establish prayers next to him-asws?”

Imam-asws replied, “Those who establish two Rak’ah of prayers next to him-asws will not ask anything from Allah-zawj, the Exalted, without Allah-zawj Granting it.”

The man asked, “What about those who perform Ghusl with the water of the Euphrates (River) and then go to him-asws?”

Imam-asws replied, “If they perform Ghusl with the water of the Euphrates (River) with the intention of going to him-asws, their sins will fall off of them (and they will become sinless) like the day their mothers gave birth to them.”

The man asked, “What about those who make arrangements for others to go but they do not go themselves because of fear of affliction?”

Imam-asws replied, “Allah-zawj will Recompense them for every Dirham that they have spent (making the arrangement for others) with rewards as great as the mountain of Uhud and will sustain them with multiple amounts. Furthermore, the afflictions which had been destined for them will be pushed away and their wealth will be protected.”

The man asked, “What about those who are killed next to Hussain-asws – those who are captured by a dominating power and killed?”

Imam-asws replied:

All of their sins will be forgiven with the first drop of their blood which is spilled.

Then the angels will cleanse the clay from which they were created. The impurities which were mixed with their clay – (originally) from the material used in the clay of the disbelievers – will be removed from their clay until it becomes as pure as the clay of the devoted Prophets. Then their heart will be cleansed and their chest will be expanded and filled with Eman. Therefore, they will meet Allah-zawj while they are pure from every impurity which might be mixed with the heart or the body.

They will be granted the power of intercession for their family members and for one thousand of their brothers (in Eman).

Jabra’il-as and the Angel of Death, along with (the rest of) the angels, will undertake establishing the prayers on them. Furthermore, their shroud and embalmment will be brought for them from Paradise. Their graves will also be expanded. Lamps will be placed in them and a door will be opened from Paradise to their graves, after which the angels will bring exquisite gifts from Paradise to them.

Eighteen days later, they will be moved to the Sacred Sanctuary[76] and they will stay there in the company of Allah-zawj‘s Divine Authorities until the Trumpet, which will leave nothing alive, is sounded.

When the Trumpet is sounded for the second time and they are resurrected from their graves, the first among those who will shake hands with them will be the Rasool Allah-saww, Amir-ul-Momineen-asws, and the successors-asws. They will give glad tidings to them and tell them to hold on to them and to follow them to the Pool where they will be allowed to drink and give water to whomever they wish.

The man asked, “What about those who are imprisoned during the Ziyarah?”

Imam-asws replied:

They will receive one kind of pleasure for every day they were grieved and imprisoned until the Day of Judgement. And if they were also beaten while they were imprisoned in their Ziyarah, they will be rewarded with one houri for every time they were beaten. Every time they feel pain in their bodies, one million good deeds will be added to their deeds and one million bad deeds will be removed from their deeds and one million ranks will be added to their status.

(On the Day of Judgement), they will be speaking with the Rasool Allah-saww while (others are) going through the judgement process. The carriers of the Throne will shake hands with them and they will be told to ask (Allah-zawj) for whatever they wish.

Those who had beaten them when they were imprisoned will be brought forth for judgement. However, they will not be questioned about anything.

Rather, they will be held by their two upper arms and taken to an angel who will give them a drink from Hamim and a drink from Ghishlin[77] after which they will be placed over frying pans in Hell and told, “Taste that which your hands brought forth by beating this man who was the guest of Allah-zawj and the guest of His-zawj Messenger-saww.”

And then those who were beaten will be brought to the door of Hell and will be told, “Look at those who beat you and look at what is happening to them. Are you satisfied with how you are avenged?”

So those who were beaten will say, “Praise be to Allah-zawj who achieved victory for us and for the son of His Messenger-saww.[78]

The Ziarah of Imam Hussain-asws Under Difficult Circumstances:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

I asked Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws), “May I sacrifice myself for you-asws! How should one perform the Ziyarah of the grave of Hussain-asws in circumstances which involve Taqiyyah (dissimulation)?”

Imam-asws replied:

Perform a Ghusl in the Euphrates (River) and then wear your (most) purified clothes,

Then pass by the grave and say:

May Allah-zawj‘s blessings be upon you, O Aba ‘Abd Allah-asws May Allah-zawj‘s Blessings be upon you-asws, O Aba ‘Abd Allah-asws May Allah-zawj ‘s Blessings be upon you, O Aba ‘Abd Allah-asws

Imam-asws added, “And (by doing this), your Ziyarah is complete.[79]

Eat Bread with Milk When Visiting Imam Hussain-asws:

The narrator of the Hadith says:

Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) asked me, ‘Do you go to (the Ziyarah of) the grave of Abu Abd Allah (Imam Hussain-asws)?

I replied, Yes,

Imam-asws asked: Do you take different kinds of food with you?

I replied: ‘yes’!

Imam-asws said: Verily if you were going to the graves of your own fathers and mothers, you would not have done this.

I asked, Then What should we eat?

Imam-asws replied: Bread with milk.

The narrator says, I asked about some people who go to the Ziyarah of the grave of Hussain and have tasty foods there.

Imam-asws said: Verily, if they were going to the graves of their own fathers and mothers, they would not have done this.[80]

In another Hadith Imam-asws said: When you go to him (Imam Hussain-asws) you carry different kinds of food with you. No, (It is better not to go to him-asws) unless you go dishevelled (immerse in grief) and covered with dust.[81]

The Time Spent in the Ziyarah is not deducted from one life span:

In a Hadith Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) said:

The days spent by those who go to the Ziyarah of Hussain are not counted as part of their lives, they do not reduce from their time (to death).[82]

The Ziyarah of Imam Hussain-asws is the Best of Deeds:

I asked Abu Abd Allah-asws (Imam Sadiq-asws) about the Ziyarah of the grave of Imam Hussain-asws)?

The Imam replied:

‘قال إنه أفضل ما يكون من الأعمال

Verily, it is the best of deeds.’[83]

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