Syeda tul Nisa Aalameen-Mohammed-saww’s daughter

(Our 5th Imam-asws) Imam Mohammed Baqir-asws said: ‘Syeda Fatimah-asws, the only daughter of the Holy Prophet-saww‘s ‘Nazool’ (coming to the earth) took place five years after Rasool Allah-saww was asked to announce his ‘Risalat’ (Prophethood) by Allah-azwj.  The Nazool of the Syeda-asws was on the 20th of Jamadiul Thani. The Syeda-asws met Shahadat (martyrdom) when the Syeda-asws was eighteen and lived for seventy-five days after the shahadat of her father-saww.[1]

(Our 6th Imam) says that the Syeda-asws’s (the daughter of Rasool Allah-saww) zahoor took place on the 20th of Jamadi’ul Thani.[2]

Imam Mohammed Baqir-asws said:  ‘Once, the Rasool Allah-saww said to Syeda-asws, ‘Rise and bring that tray.’ The Syeda-asws went and took out the tray with fresh bread and steaming meat on it. The Holy Prophet-saww, Ali-asws, Syeda Fatimah-asws, AI-Hassan-asws and Al-Hussain-asws continued to have their meals from it for thirteen days.

Then ‘Umm Ayman saw Al-Hussain-asws with certain things (from the Heavenly Food) with him-asws. She asked, ‘Where did you-asws get it from?’ Imam Hussain-asws replied, ‘We have been having this for our meal for the past thirteen days.’

Umm Ayman came to the Syeda-asws and said, ‘Ya Syeda-asws, if ‘Umm Ayrnan finds anything it is all for you-asws and your-asws sons but is there anything in it for ‘Umm Ayman.’ Syeda-asws then took out food for her from the tray and ‘Umm Ayman ate but the food from the tray vanished.

The Holy Prophet-saww said: ‘If she had not eaten it (being a non-Masoom – fallible) from it (out of the Heavenly Food), you-asws and your-asws descendants could have found food in it up to the Day of Judgement.’[3]

(Our 5th Imam) Imam Mohammed Baqir-asws then said, ‘The tray is with us-asws and our Al-Qa’im-ajfj (the 12th Imam-asws) will take it out at his-asws time (of appearance).[4]

The Marriage of Syeda-asws With Imam Ali-asws:

(Our First Imam-asws) Amir-ul-Momineen-asws said, ‘Once, when the Rasool Allah-saww was sitting an angel-as who had twenty-four faces came to him-saww and said Allah-azwj has Sent me to join in marriage the ‘Al-Noor’ with ‘Al-Noor’ (The Light with the Light).’ The Rasool Allah-saww then asked, ‘Who with whom?’ The angel-as said, ‘Syeda Fatimah-asws and Ali-asws.

The Imam-asws said: When the angel-as turned around on his shoulder it was written, ‘Mohammed the Rasool Allah-saww, and Ali-asws Wasi’ (the executor of his-saww will).’ The Rasool Allah-saww asked, ‘Since when has this been written on your shoulder?’ The angel-asws replied, ‘It was there twenty-two thousand years before Allah-azwj created Adam-as.[5]

The narrator says, I heard Imam Jafar e Sadiq-asws say, ‘If Allah-azwj had not Created Amir-ul-Momineen-asws Ali-asws, no match could be found for Syeda-asws on the earth from the (time of) Adam-as until the end (the time of Qiyamat – the Hereafter).[6]

It is narrated that Imam Musa Kazim-asws (our 7th Imam) would treat a ‘fever’ (a strange one which lasts for months and affects certain body parts at a time and moves from lower body to upper body) by using two clothes, one in cold water and one on him, exchange them, and say, ‘يَا فَاطِمَةُ بِنْتَ مُحَمَّدٍ’ (Ya Fatimah-asws, daughter of Muhammad-saww).[7]

(Our sixth Imam) Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq-asws said that Amir-ul-Momineen-asws Ali-asws, was most similar to the Rasool Allah-saww in consumption of food and in behaviour. He-asws ate bread with oil and fed people bread and meat.’ The Imam-asws said, ‘(Imam) Ali-asws would bring water and firewood. The Syeda-asws would prepare flour, dough, bread and do the stitching. The Syeda-asws’s face was the best of faces among people (Divine Light would emerge from her-asws face), ‘Salawat’ ‘Ya Allah-azwj Grant compensation to her-asws, to her father-asws, her husband-asws and her children the purified ones-asws.[8]

The Shahadat of Syeda-asws:

(After the Shahadat of Rasool Allah-saww, some Muslims decided to make Abu Bakr as the successor of Rasool Allah-saww but Imam Ali-asws and his-asws true followers declined to accept Abu Bakr as the successor (Caliph) after Rasool Allah-saww and told them that Rasool Allah-saww, during his life-time, had already appointed Ali-asws (as his-saww successor).

(After some time), Umar said to Abu Bakr, ‘Send a message to Ali-asws to do his ‘Bayt[9] (pay allegiance), for there is nothing in this (Caliphate) until he-asws does ‘Bayt’, and if he-asws were to do so, it will be secure’. Abu Bakr sent a message to him-asws, ‘Answer to the caliph of the Rasool Allah-saww’. The messenger came and said that to him-asws. Imam Ali-asws replied to him: ‘Glory be to Allah-azwj, with what haste you have forged a lie to the Rasool Allah-saww, he knows and those that surround him know that the Allah-azwj and His-azwj Messenger-saww did not appoint a Caliph other than myself-asws’. The messenger went and informed him (Abu Bakr) of what he-asws had said to him.

Abu Bakr sent his messenger again and insisted that Ali-asws must do ‘Bayt’ of ‘Amir-ul-Momineen’. Ali-asws said to him (the messenger should tell to Abu Bakr): ‘Glory be to Allah-azwj, by Allah-azwj it has not been long and he (Abu Bakr) has forgotten it. By Allah-azwj, he knows that this is a name (Amir-ul-Momineen), which is not correct except for myself-asws, and Rasool Allah-saww has ordered it, and he himself was the seventh one who had saluted me-asws as Amir-ul-Momineen (the chief of the faithfuls). He (Abu Bakr) and his companion Umar were among those seven (people) who inquired by saying, ‘Is this truth from Allah-azwj and His-azwj Prophet-saww?’

The messenger returned and informed him of what he-asws had said. He kept quiet from him on that day.

When Imam Ali-asws saw the Abandonment of the people, their avoidance of supporting him-asws, and their gathering around Abu Bakr and their obedience to Abu Bakr, Mola Ali-asws decided to stay at his-asws house.

(After a few days) Umar said to Abu Bakr, ‘What is preventing you to send someone to Ali-asws for the ‘Bayt’, for there is no one remaining except that he has done Bayt apart from him-asws and those four (Mola Ali-asws’s supporters)’. And Abu Bakr was softer of the two men, and more thoughtful of the two, and the more peaceful of the two, and had more foresight of the two, and the other one was more short-tempered of the two, and hard-hearted of the two, and more oppressive of the two. Abu Bakr said: ‘Who shall we sent to him-asws?’ Umar said, ‘We should send to him-asws Qunfuz, and he was a man who was rude, muscular, short-tempered from one of the freed slaves.[10]

He sent him, and sent some ‘Al-Ansar’ along with him, and they gather at house of Imam Ali-asws. They sought permission from Imam Ali-asws to enter the house. He-asws did not permit them. The companions of Qunfuz returned to Abu Bakr and Umar – and they were both seated in the Masjid, and the people were around them. They said, ‘He-asws is not permitting us’. Umar said, ‘Go, if he-asws gives you permission, and if not, enter without permission.’ They rushed across. They sought permission. The Syeda-asws said, ‘Get out of here all of you that you cannot entered into my-asws house without my-asws permission!’ They returned, and Qunfuz the accursed, remained there. They said (to Abu Bakr and Umar), ‘The Syeda-asws said such and such. She-asws told us to get out of her-asws house, for we (cannot) enter without permission’. Umar got angry and said, ‘What have we to do with the women (being very disrespectful – nouzo billah)?’

Then he ordered the people around him to carry firewood. They all carried firewood, and Umar carried it with them. They went around the home of Imam Ali-asws and the Syeda-asws, and their-asws two sons-asws. Then Umar called out until Imam Ali-asws and the Syeda-asws heard, ‘By Allah-azwj, Come out to us, O Ali-asws, and do ‘Bayt’ to the caliph of Rasool Allah-saww, or else we will burn down your-asws house upon you-asws’. The Syeda-asws said: ‘O Umar, what have you to do with us-asws?’ He said, ‘Open the door or else we will burn down your-asws house upon you-asws’.

She-asws said: ‘O Umar, do you not fear Allah-azwj that you want to enter into my-asws house?’ He refused to leave. And Umar called for the fire. He set fire to the door, then pushed it and entered. Syeda Fatima-asws confronted him and shouted: ‘O my-asws father-saww, O Rasool Allah-saww! Umar raised his sword, and it was in its sheath, and hit the Syeda-asws with it on her-asws side. The Syeda-asws screamed: ‘O my-asws father!’ He raised the whip. He struck her-asws with it on her-asws arm. She-asws called out: ‘O Rasool Allah-saww! Evil it is what Abu Bakr and Umar have done after you-saww!’

Defense of Ali-asws for the descendant of the Prophet-hood

(When Umar moved forward) Ali-asws leapt up and grabbed Umar by the collar and pushed him away. He fell and injured his neck and nose.  Mola Ali-asws was about to kill him but he-asws remembered the statement of the Rasool Allah-saw: “O Ali-asws! you must not fight with them (unless there are 40 supporters with you-asws)”. So, Mola Ali-asws said: ‘By the One Who-azwj has Honoured Mohammed-saww with Prophet-hood – O son of Sahhaak – had the Book of Allah-azwj not been in front of me-asws, and the promise – my-asws promise to Rasool Allah-saww, you would have never been able to enter my-asws house’!

Umar yelled out for help. The people came over until they entered the house, and Imam Ali-asws reached for his-asws sword. Qunfuz returned to Abu Bakr and he feared that Imam Ali-asws would come out to him with his-asws sword, having known of his-asws bravery and determination. Abu Bakr said to Qunfuz, ‘Return, and see if he-asws comes out, or else break down his-asws house, and if he-asws still refuses, burn down his-asws house upon him-asws’. Qunfuz – the accursed – returned.

He and his companions entered without permission, and Imam Ali-asws reached for his-asws sword. They got to him-asws first, and they surrounded him-asws, and there were many of them. Some of them took their swords out, grabbed him-asws and seized him-asws. They put a rope around his-asws neck. The Syeda-asws came in between him-asws and them near the door of the house.

And Qunfuz then hit Syeda-asws with the whip when she-asws came between them and her-asws husband-asws, and Umar had instructed him, ‘If the Syeda-asws comes between you and him-asws, hit her-asws’. Qunfuz, may Allah-azwj Curse him, forced her-asws to take refuge behind the door of her-asws house, and he pushed it. The ribs on her-asws side broke, and as a result of which (Mohsin-asws) was martyred. The Syeda-asws did not cease being injured as a result, until she-asws met Allah-azwj, as a martyr’.[11]

Syeda-asws Did not Pray for Allah-azwj’s Wrath on the Nation of Rasool Allah-saww:

It is narrated from the 6th Imam-asws that Imam Ali-asws was taken out of his home (by force by the orders of Abu Bakr) and at that time the Syeda-asws also came out in the defence of Mola Ali-asws. The Syeda-asws had placed the shirt of the Rasool Allah-saww on her head, while holding the hands of her-asws two sons-asws and said, ‘What have I done to you, O Abu Bakr, that you want to make my sons orphans and myself a widow. By Allah-azwj, had it not been a harsh and harmful thing, I would have spread my headgear and cried before my Allah-azwj for help.’ A man among the people then, pleaded for mercy and Syeda-asws then stop (praying against them) by brings her hands down.[12]

The narrator says I once heard Imam Jafar e Sadiq-asws say that Syeda Fatimah-asws (after the Shahadat of Holy Prophet-saww) came to one of the pillars in the Masjid (of Holy Prophet-saww) and addressing the Holy Prophet-saww said, ‘After you-saww great differences have taken place. If you had been present the issue would not increase this much. We have missed you-saww just as the land loses its share of rain. Your-saww nation is in disorder; you-saww must bear witness and do not remain absent.[13]

Imam Jafar e Sadiq-asws said: The Syeda-asws lived for seventy-five (75) days after the Shahadat of the Rasool Allah-saww. The Syeda-asws had become extremely sad after the Shahadat of her father-asws. Angel Jibril-as would visit her-asws with condolences because of the Shahadat of her-asws father-saww with Allah-azwj’s Blessings. Jibril-as would inform the Syeda-asws about where her-asws father-saww was and about what might happen after her-asws Shahdat to her-asws descendents and Ali-asws would write down such information (Just as the Holy Quran was Revealed to the Holy Prophet Mohemmed-saww).[14]

Amir-ul-Momineen-asws (Our first Imam-asws also known as Abul Hassan-asws) has said: ‘The Syeda-asws is truthful and a martyr. The ‘Rijs’ (uncleanness) never come close to the daughters-asws of the Prophets.[15]

(Our 3rd Imam-asws) Imam Hussain-asws ibn Ali-asws has said: After burying the Syeda-asws, Amir-ul-Momineen-asws said the following while turning towards the holy grave of Prophet-saww, in the state of immense grief and with a torn heart: ‘Ya Rasool Allah-saww! Salam be upon you-saww from me-asws and from your daughter-asws who has come to visit and reside besides you-saww.  And will rest under dust near you-saww.  Allah-azwj has Joined her-asws with you-saww so soon.

‘Ya Rasool Allah-saww! It was already too hard for me-asws to come to terms with your-saww separation but the departure of your-saww beloved daughter-asws has left me-asws restless.  I-asws have adopted patience from the time I-asws laid you-saww to rest.  Your-saww soul departed from your-saww holy body when your-saww body was resting between my neck and chest.  The Holy words of Book are sufficient from me: ‘Inna lillah hay wa Inna lilla hay Rajaoon’.

‘You-saww have taken your-saww precious gift back from me-asws, after leaving part of your-saww heart and soul with me-asws for a very short while.   Heavens and earth have become pitch-dark for me-asws and I-asws have plummeted into an eternal grief.  And I-asws will neither find any sleep nor any relief until Allah-azwj also Brings me-asws there where you-saww are.

‘My-asws heart is wounded and wounds have gone soar and my-asws grief is on the boil.  (O Syeda-asws) How soon we have been separated.  I have sent forward my case (lament) to Allah-azwj.

‘(Ya Rasool Allah-saww) Your daughter-asws will inform you how your-saww nation got together in forcibly taking away the rights of your daughter-asws.  When you ask her-asws, your daughter-asws will tell you-saww, her-asws soul was filled with the immense grief, but the Syeda-asws was denied to take it off her-asws chest but she is eager to share with you her-asws heartache.  Indeed, Allah-azwj is the best Judge.  I-asws send Salam on both of you-asws, the Salam which one sends when departing.  I-asws will never be able to leave you-asws, even if I-asws try hard, as I am so wounded but I-asws will also be unable to stay here because I-asws firmly believe in Allah-azwj’s Promise to those who remain patient.

‘Alas! But patience is better, if cruel and unkind people were not in the power, I-asws would have stayed besides your-asws graves and would cry and cry hard (Matam) as one would do when a loved one departs.  Thus, your-saww daughter-asws, by Allah-azwj, has been buried very secretly.  Her-asws rights were forcefully taken away, her-asws inheritance was usurped and it occurred so soon that memories of your-saww presence have not even faded.

‘Ya Rasool Allah-saww!  Our complaints are on their way to Allah-azwj, I-asws will not find anyone better than you-saww to share my-asws grief and offer condolence on your-saww daughter’s Shahadat.’[16]

The narrator says once I asked our 6th Imam (Imam Jafar e Sadiq-asws) ‘Who washed Syeda Fatimah-asws (for burial)?’ The Imam-asws replied: ‘Amir-ul-Momineen-asws Ali-asws did.’ My reaction to his-asws words seemed to be slightly unusual. The Imam-asws said, ‘You seem to be unsatisfied by what I-asws said.’

I (the narrator) replied, ‘Yes, may I be sacrificed for your-asws, it is so.’ The Imam-asws then said, ‘Do not be uncomfortable (with what I-asws have told you). The Syeda-asws was the most truthful person and no one has the authority to wash an all-truthful person (Masoom-asws) but another all-truthful person (Masoom-asws). Did you not know that no one could wash Mary-as (for burial) except for the Jesus-as?’[17]

The Holy Grave of Syeda-asws:

The narrator says I asked Imam Ali Al-Reza-asws (our 8th Imam-asws) about the grave of Syeda Fatimah-asws.  Imam Ali Reza-asws replied that the Syeda-asws was buried in her own house. When the Amawids enlarged the Masjid (Mosque) it became part of the Masjid.[18]

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