With the lapse of more than ten years from the heart-rending tragedy, Hazrat Ali-asws was still sorrowful for Syeda Fatima-Az-Zahra-asws.  It has been reported by some historian that when Mola Ali-asws decided to marry as per will of Bibi Fatima-asws, he was aware of the events of the day of Ashura. He-asws called his brother, Aqil-asws, who was expert in genealogy and had good knowledge of the various tribes and clans, along with their moral and spiritual characters and features. Mola-asws asked him to choose a wife for him, from a clan, the ancestors of which are among the brave and lionhearted men, so that such a wife could give him-asws a courageous and brave son.  However, from some traditions of Masomeen-asws one can infer that Syeda Fatima-asws mentioned the name and tribe of Fatimah bintay Kallabia in her will to Amir-ul-Momaneen-asws and also told Fatimah Kallabia by coming into her dream, about her Nikah to Amir-ul-Momaneeen-asws.

Hazrat Aqil-asws suggested a girl from the clan Kallab, who possessed all the required qualities. Her name was Fatimah-asws, daughter of Hazam bin Khalid, from the clan of Banu Kallab, which was considered the noblest families second to the Hashimites and was famous for the bravery and valour of its warriors in the entire Arab. It was this same Fatima Kallabia-asws, who was later known as “Ummulbaninaws”, that is, ‘mother of many sons’.

Hazrat Ummul-banin-asws came into this world in the 5th year of Hijrah. She-asws was renowned for her glory, honour, innocence and nobility. Her father was one of the most celebrated personalities of the Arabs, and was the chief of his people and well known for his horsemanship, heroism, and courage.

Amir-ul-Momaneen-asws proposed her-asws for Nikah and send Hazrat Aqil-asws to Her father, which he blissfully accepted and agreed honourably. Hazrat Ali-asws married Bibi Ummul-Banin-asws on 17th Rajab 20 A.H.  Hazrat Aqeel-asws delivered the semon of Nikah as:

“This is Ali-asws bin Abi Talib bin Abdulmutalib bin Hashim-asws, companion and cousin of your Prophet-saww. He is your Imam-asws and Amir-ul-Momineen-asws. He is the best agnate for you and has proposed to the benevolent lady Fatima-asws binte Hazam bin Khalid bin Rabia, according to Allah’s book and his Messenger’s Sunnah (Traditions).”

On arriving at the door-step of Amir-ul-Momaneen-asws’s house, Bibi stopped in front of all Hashimites and said:

“Wait! Until I seek permission from the Princes (Imam Hassan-asws & Hussain-asws) and the princesses (Syed Zainab-asws & Kulsoom-asws) before I enter the house of Amir-ul-Momineen-asws and Syeda Fatima-az-Zahra-asws.” And upon entering addressed Hazrat Ali-asws’s children and said:

“O’ my Leaders, Progeny of Prophet Muhammed-saww and Heartbeat of Hazrat Fatima-asws I am here as your maid and servant, please consider me for this humble status.” She then requested, Amir-ul-Momineen-asws not to call her Fatima-asws; as it would remind the children of their mother.

Bibi Ummul-Banin-asws was a very virtuous woman who had great love for the Prophet-saww’s household, and respected this chaste family. Her kindness, respect and amity were in observance of the Quran’s command, which has called “Amity with the Prophet’s household” as the wage for his Messenger-ship. She-asws treated Imam Hassan-asws, Imam Hussein-asws, Syeda Zainab-asws and Syed Umm-e- Kulsoom-asws with utmost motherly affection and love. Her-asws faith, love and commitment to the Prophet-saww’s grandchildren were so much that she cherished them more than her own children.

Hazrat Ummul Banin-asws was blessed with four sons and one daughter. Her sons were Abbas-asws, Abdullah-asws, Imran-asws, and Jaffer-asws and Syeda Ruqiya-asws.  All her sons were martyred in sacrifice for their Master Imam Hussain -asws on the battlefield of Karbala.

The prophecy of Hazrat Ali-asws’s valorous son Hazrat Abbas-asws was given by the Prophet-saww himself. The two arms of Hazrat Ja’far Tayyar-asws, the brother of Hazrat Ali-asw,  were severed in the battle of Mauta during which he-asws was martyred. When this news reached the Holy Prophet-asws, He-asws cried and prayed for Ja’far-asws. This is when the Angel Gabriel-as came down and consoled (Prophet-saww), saying “Ja’far-asws was a brave and loyal soldier. God-azwj has given him-asws everlasting life, and in place of the two arms, he-asws lost in the battle, he-asws is blessed with a pair of wings so that he-asws could freely fly as per his wish”. Then Allah-azwj told the Holy Prophet-asws that Ali-asws will have a son from Ummul-Banin-asws, who will be the standard-bearer of your son Hussein-asws; he will sacrifice himself in the desert of Karbala for Hussein-asws; his two arms will also be cut off by the oppressors.” Holy Prophet-saww narrated this to Hazrat Ali-asws and said: “O Ali-asws ! Your son has resemblance to Ja’far-asws but your son’s status is much higher than Ja’far-asws. When, he-asws comes into this world, kiss him, on my behalf, because I would not be among you at that time.” At that, Hazrat Fatima Zahra-asws said: “He will be my son.” Hazrat Ali-asws,  after having knowledge of this, addressed the Prophet-saww and said: “You named my two sons (Shabbar-asws and Shabbir-asws) Hasan-asws and Hussein-asws, thus also name this son of mine.” Gabriel-as again descended and said: “O Allah’s beloved! Name this son on the name of Assad (Lion).” From that time on Imam Ali-asws eagerly awaited the arrival of his prophesied son, the Abbas-asws

When Mola Abbas-asws came into this world, he-asws did not open his eyes until Imam Hussain-asws took him into his lap. Mola Ali-asws  then recited Azan and Aqamat in Mola Abbas-asws’s ears. Later Bibi Zainab-asws, very lovingly, took Mola Abbas-asws into her lap and conveyed Bibi Fatima-az-Zahra-asws‘s salaam to Him-asws.

Bibi Ummul Banin-asws ‘s sons were brought up under direct guidance and blessings of Amir-ul-Momaneen-asws until Ahul Bait-asws were subjected to a major calamity, after the martyrdom of Syeda-asws Fatima-asws, on the 21st of the month of Ramazan in 40 A.H; the day when Amir-ul-Momineen-asws, the brother and Divine successor of Prophet Muhammed-asws, was martyred due to wounds inflicted by the maleficent Abdur-Rehman-ibne-Mulgim muradiL.A. Mola Ali-asws and Bibi Ummul-Banin spent around twenty years together in this mortal world.  Bibi Ummul-Banin-asws spent all her life in service of her husband and his children during very difficult and hostile time, i.e. of first three caliphs and the wars instigated against Amir-ul-Momaneen-asws by Aisha , her associates and Mawiya.  Bibi-asws . Also after the martyrdom of Amir-ul-Momaneen-asws witnessed the troubles and tragedies faced by the Princess of the faithfuls of the youth, Imam Hassan and Hussain-asws, including the poisoning and martyrdom of Imam Hassan-asws.

When on 28th Rajab 60 A.H, Imam Husain-asws was leaving Madinah for Iraq Hazrat Ummul Banin-asws did not accompany him as she was looking after Syeda Fatima Sughra-asws binte Hussain-asws who was unwell and could not travel with the rest of the family. Bibi-asws sent for her four sons, Hazrat Abbas-asws, Abdullah-asws, Imran-asws and Jafar-asws and asked them to sacrifice their lives for the sacred and divine cause of Imam Husain-asws.

On 10th Muharram 61A.H. the day of martyrdom of Imam Husain-asws and his seventy two faithful companions at the planes of Karbala, Hazrat Umme Salamah-asws witnessed that the soil in a bottle given to her by the Holy Prophet-saww had turned into blood. She-asws raised the cry of “Ya Husain-asws” Ya Husain-asws” and declared that Imam Husain-asws has been martyred. Then Bibi Ummul Banin-asws gathered women of Madinah in her house and conducted first majlis after the martyrdom of Imam Husain-asws. Bibi Ummul Banin-asws had such complete devoutness for Holy Prophet’s progeny that when she received the news stating the martyrdom of her four sons, she asked: “Tell me about Hussain-asws” and when she received the news of Imam Hussain’s-asws martyrdom she said: “All of the arteries of my heart are torn apart. May all of my children and what ever exists under this holy heavens be sacrificed for the sake of my son Hussain-asws.”

Upon news of martyrdom of Mola Abbas-asws Bibi-asws said;

“All praises be to Allah-azwj who accepted the sacrifice of my sons for the heartbeat of Fatima-az-Zahra-asws.”[1]

After the arrival of Imam Sajjad-asws and Hazrat Zainab-asws in Madina Hazrat Ummul Banin-asws used to gather women in her house and narrate to them how Imam Husain-asws and his companions were brutally martyred by the Ummaid-la forces. Hazrat Ummul Banin-asws was a gifted poet and she is considered as the first Noha (lamentation poetry) reciter for the martyrdom of Imam Husain-asws. Bibi Ummul Banin-asws frequently used to take Obaidullah-asws (son of Mola Abbas-asws ) to visit Jannat al-Baqi[2] in Madina where she used to recite her Hussaini dirges in such a painful and mournful voice that everyone present could not help but to cry and scream with uncontrollable passion and love for the martyrs’ of Karbala. She transformed the Jannat al-Baqi into “the Centre of Azadari of Imam Husain-asws“.

Bibi Ummul Banin-asws once went for ziaraat of Imam Hussain-asws’s and Mola Abbas-asws’s shrines. When she-asws entered her son’s shrine, she-asws became unconscious and fell on the ground within the shrine. Today, there is a door named “Bab-e-Ummul Banin-asws” at that place in Mola Abbas’s-asws shrine, which leads to the actual grave of Mola Abbas-asws.

Bibi Ummul-Banin-asws became very weak after martyrdom of Imam Hussain-asws and used to cry and lament all the time. Till she lived, she used to call out the name of each and each martyr of Karbala and recited Nohas for them.

After the martyrdom of Imam Hussain-asws, five virtuous Ladies never sat in shade. Bibi Zainab-asws, Bibi Ummul Banin-asws, Bibi Umm-e-Farwa, Bibi Umm-e-Rubab-asws, and Bibi Umm-e-Laila-asws, always sat and wailed under the sun during the day and under the night mist till they demised.  Bibi Ummul Baninasws demised on 13th Jamadi-us-Sani 64 A.H. on Friday. Bibiasws lived exactly three years, five months and three days after the Karbala tragedy. Bibi Ummul-Baninasws is buried in Jannat al-Baqi (shown on left). There were many shrines of holy personalities but Wednesday, in the year 1345 AH (April 21, 1925), mausoleums in Jannatul al-Baqi (Madina) were demolished by King Ibn Saud-l.a. In the same year (1925), he also demolished the tombs of holy personages at Jannat al-Mualla (Makkah) where the Holy Prophet (s)’s Mother-asws, Wife-asws, Grandfather-asws and other ancestors are buried. Below is translation of one of Bibi-asws marsia, which she used to recite.

“I lament knowing my brave lion was stricken by arrows and spears

O Abbas If only you had a sword in your hand, no oppressor could approach you

O people! do not address me as ‘Ummul Banin any more

For you call to my mind the memories of the devoted and allegiant lions

Yes sons I had, to whom I was cognated, because of whom I was entitled

I am now in a state that my sons are no more

The four who were like Falcons

Who allied themselves with death by allowing their throats to be slashed

The heads of spears perpetually bore their bodies

And they came down devoid of life

A bitter truth I can never come to terms with

How my (Abbas-asws) hands could ever be severed”

[1] Ummul-Banin A.S (Sheikh Naimat-us-Saadi Page 29)

[2] Janat-ul-Baqi is a graveyard in Madina near the shrine of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammadsaw