The Cause of Survival of The Universe

The Imam or the divine representative is needed not merely for the dissemination of the rules of the Shariah and their compliance. That is, his duty is not confined only to the guidance of the world but the whole creation depends upon him for their existence. If Imam ceases to exist, the entire system would collapse.   It is related from Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (A.S.) that he stated, “If Imam (A.S.) is absent from the world even for a moment, the earth would suck in all its inhabitants like the stormy sea drowns the seafarers. “ (Ghaibat-e-Nomani, p. 139, Chap. 8, Hadith No. 10)

Nearly all Muslims are unanimous in their belief that the world has been created for the sake of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and his purified progeny (A.S.). A well-known Hadith-e-Qudsi is that the Almighty Allah told the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) “But for you I would not have created the skies.”

In another tradition, He says, “I have created you for Myself and the rest of the things for your sake. “


Hazrat Ali (A.S.) in a couplet has compared man to the ‘Greatest Creation’. The oft-heard couplet is as follows :-

“Do you think that you are an insignificant speck whereas a great world is concealed in you.” Man’s heart is the central point of the human body. Not a single organ is independent of it. Till the heart remains healthy, the body will be in order. However emaciated the latter may get, if the heart is alive, it will continue to radiate the warmth of life throughout. If, God forbid, a calamity befalls the heart or if it ceases to function or is detached from the body, it is reduced to a corpse.

A remarkable fact is that even though the heart is the source of life for the body, it cannot be seen and remains concealed. But the living body is a surety that the heart exists. And. the heart derives its life from the soul which in turn is a ‘divine affair’.

The existence of Imam (A.S.) in this vast world is having the same position as the soul and the heart. As the body’s movement is a proof of the presence of heart and the soul. In the same way, the living world is a proof of the existence of the soul of the universe, Hazrat Vali e Asr (may our lives be sacrificed for him).

Another matter that becomes clear is that the benefit of the Imam of the time is not dependent upon his being apparent or visible. The survival of the world is one of the benefits of the Imam (a.s.)’s existence.

Just as the heart, concealed in the body, continues to nurture all its organs and cures each and every pain and discomfort, Imam-e-Asr (a.s.) (may our lives be sacrificed for him), even though in occultation, continues to benefit the whole creation. He removes the difficulties of those in trouble and attends to those in need.

Whatever strength and power the corporeal body possesses is due to the soul. All the organs of the human body are subservient to its commands. These parts cannot dare to overlook even the smallest injunction of the soul.

Imam (a.s.) is the soul of the universe. Whatever life, strength, power and warmth exists, is only for his sake. (may our souls be sacrificed upon him). Just as the organs obey the orders of the human will, every particle of the universe is even more obedient to the will and desire of Imam-e-Asr (A.S.). Not a single particle disobeys even slightly the order of Imam (A.S.). Therefore, it is not surprising that the Imam (A.S.) performs miraculous acts. It is for this very reason that Imam (A.S.) is at liberty to utilise his power whenever and in whichever way he likes.

All these points have been derived from the incident involving the companion of Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S.), Hisham bin Hakarn and the Basri scholar, Amr bin Ubayd. When Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S.) had listened to the arguments he had remarked,

“These points have been mentioned in the Old Testament. “ (Usool-e-Kafi, Vol. I, p. 169, Hadith No. 3)

Even among the Ahle-Sunnat, such traditions are found which state that if the Imam of the time ceases to exist, the earth will sink along with it’s inhabitants. Hence, it is recorded by the famous hadith scholar of the Sunnis, Abdullah bin Bath Akbar in his book, ‘Al Ayanata’ from his chain of narrators that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said,

This religion will remain established till the twelve (Imams). When these twelve persons depart, it will sink inside with its dwellers”. (Kashful Astaar, p. 99)

All these things clearly prove that this world continues to exist for the sake of the beloved grandson of Ali al-Murtaza (A.S.), the apple of Narjis’ eyes and the dearest one of Hasan al-Askari (A.S.). For due to him, we receive sustenance. If we have Islam and belief, it is due to him. In other words, our existence and everything related with it depends only on Imam-e-Asr (A.S.).

The least recompense we can offer is to remember him and not to forgo his remembrance even for a moment. And to wait for him and prepare the world for his reappearance. We must kindle the light of love and marefat (Knowledge) of Imam-e-Asr (A.S.) in the hearts of our children, our family members, friends and acquaintances.


The Almighty Allah has created the world in such a way that every lowly object is made for a lofty thing. It could be explained in a better way by stating that every – deficient object is created for a perfect one. If the perfect creation

had not been under consideration, the creation of the imperfect objects would have been of no use. The following example shall fully expound the concept. The life in the womb is a prelude to the life of this world, if terrestrial life had not been intended, the life within the womb would have been purposeless.

Therefore the organs and the capacity that were given were not of use inside the womb but rather for the life on earth. Thus the pre-natal life is the prelude to the life after birth. The life on the earth is more complete than that in the womb. In the same way, the life on this earth is a prelude to the hereafter, where there is only life and every sort of perfection. If there had been no belief in the life of the hereafter, this terrestrial sojourn would have been, in the words of the Holy Quran, futile. The existence of a life after death has made this life purposeful. The life of the hereafter is the perfect life.

If we observe the different creations, we arrive at the same conclusion. For example, the inorganic chemicals are the base for organic matter or vegetation, which in turn is for the animal world. The animal world is subservient to the superior-most creation called man.

Each of the lower classes of creatures provides a proof of the existence of a higher one. Here, we notice that everything is moving towards perfection. The lifeless world of inorganic matter was made purposeful by the vegetable kingdom. The stagnant vegetative world is gifted a meaningful existence by the moving animals. The irrational creatures are made useful by the rational man. Man is made to be purposeful due to the existence of Imam (A.S.). Now let us examine the following famous tradition of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) which says, “0 Ali, if we had not been there: Allah would have created neither Adam nor Hawwa, neither heaven nor hell, neither sky nor the earth. “ (Kamaluddin, Chap. 33, Hadith No. 4, p. 254, Vol. 1)

lbn Hajjaj has recorded this hadith-e-Qudsi upon the authority of lbn Abbas. The Almighty Allah revealed to Hazrat Isa (a.s.)

“0 Isa Believe in Muhammad* And command your people that whosoever from them lives upto his time, must also believe in him. For if Muhammad did not exist, I would not have created Adam. And if Muhammad did not exist, I would not have created heaven and hell.” (Shawaahidul Haqq Fil Isteghatha Basayyedil Khalq by Nabhani, p. 139 published from Istanbul 1394)

The traditions clearly explain the fact that the personality of Imam-e-Asr (A.S.) is an absolute perfection and an apparent face of the divine qualities. He is the aim of creation. It is thus certain that if Imam (A.S.) had not been there, the universe would have vanished.

One who is cognizant of the recognition of ‘Imam (A.S.). And each corner of his heart is filled with the love of Imam (A.S.). One who wishes to scale the grades of perfection in following those divine qualities. One who endeavors to walk the path of his immaculate ancestors… he is definitely the one who is spending a purposeful life. On the other hand, those who do not have any such aim, they are merely a dead load that moves about on the earth.

The following statement of Hazrat Ali (A.S.) must appropriately explain the above concept while it contains in itself a world of meaning, “We (Aale Bait) have been created for the Almighty and the creatures have been created for us. “ (Nahjul Balagha, Letter No. 28)


Zirat-e-Jamea Kabeera is an authentic ziarat (salutations). This ziarat is recorded by Shaykh Sadooq in his book ‘Man La Yahzorohul Faqih’ (Vol. 2, p. 609) and another of his book ‘Uyoon-o-Akhbar ar-Reza’ (Vol. 2, p. 277). Shaykh Tusi (R.A.) has also quoted it in his Tahzibul Ahkam’ (p. 95, Vol. 2). Concerning this ziarat, Allama Majlisi  says, “Ziarat Jamea is authentic from the aspect of the chain of narrators. It’s eloquent and expressive text makes it the best of Ziarats.” (Biharul Anwar, Vol. 102, p. 144)

This Ziarat was taught by Imam Ali Naqi (A.S.) upon the request of his companion by the name of Musa Bin Abdullah Nakhai. Hazrat Imam-e-Asr (May our souls be sacrificed upon him) has exhorted us to recite it regularly. (Najmus Saqib, p. 342-343)

This Ziarat is excellent for getting the recognition of Imamat. As stated above, an Imam is the divine light upon the earth, the absolute proof of Allah upon His creatures, the life-vein of the universe, the spiritual connection between the Creator and the creatures, the mirror of perfection, the supreme example of all the positive human qualities, the collection of merits,

the visible face of the Knowledge and Power of Allah, the ideal for a worshipper, pure from every blemish, knower of divine secrets, knower of the past, present and future of the world, treasure-chest of the divine sciences, inheritor of the Prophetic miracles, etc.

The following lines of Ziarat-e-Jamea make it amply clear that if there is no Imam, the sky will crash to the earth and not even a single drop of rain will reach the earth. May my parents, life, family and wealth be sacrificed for you, 0 Imam.

One who intends to reach Allah, begins with you. One who believed in the Oneness of Allah has received the monotheistic teachings from you. One who wishes to be steadfast on it, should seek guidance from you.

0 Master, your praises and extolations canned be enumerated. The reality of your praise cannot be perceived. Your qualities cannot be estimated. You are the light of the righteous, the guide of those who do good and the proof of Allah, the All Powerful.

Allah has initiated the creation (of this universe) with you. And its end will also be with you. The heavens pour because of you. The skies hold for your sake alone. Of course, by His permission. For you alone, Allah removes the sorrows and solves the difficulties of the people. Through you, the universe receives the bounties of Allah.

Lack of belief in such an Imam, not to remember him, not to weep in his anticipation, not being restless for his reappearance, not to prepare the earth for his arrival,… is against humanity and religion. If intellect demands gratitude to one who confers a single favour on us, then what should be our attitude to the one who is the basis for all the favours and blessings?

From the above discussion, it becomes apparent that every particle of this universe is a proof of the existence of Imam (A.S.). They repose their belief in him and align their royalties towards him.

May Allah(azwj) illuminate our hearts by his love.

May Allah(azwj) count us among his sincere and loyal servants.

Amen. The Lord of the Worlds.

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