Distinct Eminence of Masomeen-as  

Imam Ali-as  in a Sermon[1] said: Do not ascribe us to the echelon (status) of ‘Rabuviat[2] with this understanding, adhere to our status as inimitable and supreme over that of human beings- in essence well above anything that is considered eminent and grandeur but still be attained by you. Be aware! it is beyond the perception of any being to appreciate our distinctively elevated position, strictly abstain from equating us to others, indeed we are the ‘hidden treasures of Allah-azwj’ and have appeared among you in the ‘fabric and outfit’ of human beings.  Though in the appearance of human flesh, we are the ‘Divine verses’[3] of Allah-azwj, with this (in mind), you may, as per your knowledge and intellectual capacity, praise us unremittingly. Certainly, infinite oceans cannot run dry, the ‘Divine treasures’ cannot be unfolded and ‘Divine Verses’ cannot be fully praised.

Certainly, I-as have been at the prominence of ‘Noor to Noor[4]’ to the Prophet Ahmedsaww even prior to the birth of human beings, before creation of their souls[5].  We both radiated as the ‘Noor’[6] and were not in the form of any definable[7] shape but were pure Light[8] of Allah-azwj.  Surely, our ‘Amr[9]’ is very difficult to understand, and is very intricate, no one can recognise our eminent attributes, except the following three; Angels[10] of a high stature, ‘Mursil Prophets-as[11]’ and those believers (Momin) whose hearts have been specially tested by Allah-azwj for ‘ultimate faith’[12]. Thus when you are made aware of our ‘attributes’ and our ‘Amr’ and are made clear to you, accept them, adhere to them and obey them.  Or plead to Allah-azwj with this knowledge about usa.s (for the ability to comprehend and appreciate), upon doing so you have reached all that, which is between the sky and the earth.

By Allah-azwj, I have been (Divinely) nominated to govern this nation and I am, after the Prophetsaww, the Divine master on them.  And surely, my ‘Wiliat’ has been made compulsory on the creatures of skies, as it has been upon the habitants of the earth.  Indeed, angels regularly praise my qualities and Allah-azwj considers these as ‘Tasbeh’ (His-azwj worship).

‘Don’t Say Allah-azwj to usas’(e.g., Some other Sermons of Amir-ul-Momineenas )

Amir-ul-momineen-as has also said in Sermon of ‘Muarafat-e-Nurania’ (Nahjul Asrar): O! Salman every Prophet has gained distinctively high status due to us-as, You must not say us ‘Arbabban’ (Allah-azwj) but then say whatever status you may perceive about us-as.  Thus people will only succeed (in the hereafter) due to us (adhering to us) and will also be destroyed due to us (not obeying us)!

Also, Amir-ul-momineen-as has also said in Sermon of ‘Al-Tutunjiyyih’ (Nahjul Asrar): I know those hypocrites says that Ali-as has ascribed himself to the level of Allah-azwj, Beware, only give that verdict for that you will be quizzed later on (in the hereafter), Indeed Ali-as is a ‘Noori Entity’ and gets his-as sustenance from his Lord-azwj.  Whoever would say contrary to this will be rebuke by Allah-azwj and by all those who join Him-azwj in pronouncing curse (on His-azwj enemies).

[1] Nahjul Asrar

[2] Allah-azwj

[3] Kalimat-e-Allahi-azwj

[4] ‘Zooh from Zooh’, i.e., light ray to adjacent ray of light

[5] Human souls were created several thousand years before Hazrat Adam a.s. came to this World and human race started.

[6] Zalal

[7] Namiyati Ajsam

[8] Asbah

[9] Wilaiat

[10] Muqarab angels

[11] Who were revealed with Divine books

[12] ‘Aman’