Imam Ali’s Sermon on 7 Most Attractions

Upon seeing Janabe-Jabir bin Abdullah a.r take a long deep sigh, Hazrat Ali-asws asked him;

‘O Jabir! Are you moaning for the worldly desires?

Jabir replied, ‘yes, Mola-asws it is true.’

Amir-ul-Momaneen-asws then said;

‘Listen Jabir! people very much depend and crave for the following seven things which are very attractive (superficially):  O Jabir! But contemplate at their true nature,’

  • ‘As the most tasty food is honey which is made from the saliva of a fly.’
  • ‘The best thirst-quenching drink is water which is seen running down in abundance without getting much attention’
  • ‘The best outfit is silk-cloth which is a dribble of an insect.’
  • ‘The best comfort is marrying a woman but what people fancy about, is the most dirtiest part of her body.’
  • ‘The best ride is to ride on a horse which is used in the wars for killings.’
  • ‘The best smell is the ‘mushak’ which is made out of the dried blood from tummy of an animal.’
  • ‘The best sound for ears is a song but it is barred for being a great sin.’

O Jabir! Why one would moan for them unless he is ignorant (about their true nature)’

 Jabir said, after listening to the advise of Amir-ul-momaneen-asws I never craved for worldly attractions!

(Nahjul Israr, vol. 1)