Imam Ali’s Sermon on Two Kinds of Habitants

Mola Ali-asws. told Hafas that, there is reward for two kinds of people: the one who’s favours to others continue to pile up and the other one that who consistently controls his desires through seeking forgiven.  However, if someone prolongs his prostration endlessly and his head detaches from his neck due to longevity of his prayers, Allah-azwj will not accept any of his deeds until he adheres to our ‘Wiliat’[2].  Be aware! All those who submit themselves to our ‘Wiliat’ and daily remain content: with the sustenance their receive; the shelter they are given (to live) and the cloths they wear to cover up themselves, are certainly those who are candidates for our intersession.  Even then these people remain in the state of fear and keep on pondering about where their fate would lead them from this world.  And due to this Allah-azwj Has referred to their virtues as, ‘ And they offer charity from what they have been given’  By Lord-azwj, what they have been given from the bounties of worship, love and ‘Wiliat’ their ‘Qalub’ (hearts) tremble with the fear for the thought of losing them by committing any disrespectful act.  By Lord-azwj, they are not afraid of, in their righteousness in ‘Deen’ but instead they are fearful for showing any weakness in fulfilling the prerequisite of their love and submission.


Then Imam Alias said, if you can afford not to go out of your home then you better stay inside, but if you need to leave your house then you should refrain from backbiting, telling lies, being jealous, showing-off and being pretentious and being deceitful.


Then said, a Muslim’s worship place is his house as his eyes, his tongue, his ‘Nafs’ (soul) and his private parts are secured therein.  Certainly, whoever recognised Allah-azwj’s bounties with the sincerity of his heart would be rewarded instantly by Allah-azwj even before iterating them through his tongue.  Then said, O Hafas! Love is better than fear, by Allah-azwj, whoever adored this World and developed love for our enemies, has turned away from Allah-azwj’s love.  But the one who recognised our (Divine) authorities, and love us, has developed love for Allah-azwj.  A person, (hypocrite) started crying at this point (to interrupt Amir-ul-momaneen-asws’s Sermon), Mola Ali as responded: ‘why are you crying? It is with the intention that all who live within the earth and skies may gather and cry and pray, on your behalf, to Allah-azwj so that you are saved from hellfire and rewarded with the bounties of paradise, they would not be able to save you from destruction!


O Hafas!  Remain humble and avoid rudeness and cruelty.

[1] Nahjul Asrar, ‘Man Arafa Nafsa Faqad Arafa Rabb’

[2] Total submission and mastership,