Recognising Self is a must to Recognise God

Imam Ali-asws’s Sermon[1] on Recognition of Oneself is the Key to Appreciation of One’s Creator-azwj

Rasool Allah-saww. said, ‘Ya Ali-asws no one has recognised you-asws except Allah-azwj. and myself-saww and no one has recognised me-saww. except Allah-azwj and yourself-asws and no one has appreciated Allah-azwj except yourself-asws and myself-saww., then on what grounds do people claim our recognition?

Hazrat Imam Ali-asws Says, one who recognises oneself is able to appreciate one’s creator. The recognition of ‘oneself’ is to understand his origin and final destination, in other words to understand from where he has come from and where he stands currently and where he is going to end-up.  This is subjected to the acknowledgment of one’s that reality, which is ‘confined entity’ by realising this and then appreciation of Allah-azwj.’s first ever bounty which enlightened the darkness (including the confined entity).

Then by the command of ‘Wajib-ul-wajud-azwj[2]’ (Allah-azwj) the ‘Noor’ of His-azwj bounty was revealed for benefits of others.  This (Noor) revealed in the form of a ‘Nuqtah’[3] which is the focus and source of all universes and engulfs all that exits and is the spirit of all souls and is the foundation of all bounties[4].

He (Allah-azwj) is the First Sign and the hidden treasure of that ‘Oneness’ which cannot be divided, this is due to the fact that Allah-azwj as an Entity that cannot be recognised by His creatures.  Thus, He could only be appreciated through His-azwj attributes.  And ‘Nuqtah’ is the attributes of Allah-azwj and it provides proof for His existence as Allah-azwj is recognised through the revelation of His attributes (‘Nuqtah’). And that ‘Nuqtah’ exits due to the blessings of the ‘undividable One’ and radiates in the ‘Sky of Mohammadiya’.  And Prophet Mohammed-saww has pointed out to this very fact that if weas did not exit then Allah-azwj would not be appreciated and weas would not be recognised if Allah-azwj were not present.  Thus ‘Wo’ (Allah-azwj) is ‘Wo’ that ‘Noor’ from which ‘all Noors’, have originated and ‘Wo’ is that ‘undividable Oneness’ from which all other entities have come into existence.  And ‘Wo’ is that ‘Hidden treasure’ from which other treasures have surfaced and ‘Wo’ is that ‘Wisdom’ from which prudence have gained knowledge.  And ‘Wo’ is that ‘Nafs[5]’ from where all other beings have gained their existence.  And ‘Wo’ is that ‘Looh’ which possesses the details about all the ‘unseen and hidden’ and ‘Wo’ is that ‘Kursy’ who engulfs all the skies and the earth.  And ‘Wo’ is that grand ‘Arsh’ Who’s knowledge and greatness encircles all that exists. And ‘Wo’ is that ‘Eye’ from where all visions have gained their sight.  And ‘Wo’ is that ‘Authenticity’ which has been referred to by all creations, similar to the verdict of ‘Wajib-ul-wajud-azwj’ with the ‘undividable Unity’.  Thus, ‘the most knowledgeable intellectuals’[6] wisdom is incapable to reach near the reality of ‘Mohammed-saww and Ali-asws’s ‘Divine characteristics’ or the even the realm of that reality!  As the gate to their realm is covered by the divine curtains and you are not given knowledge about them-asws but very little.

[1] Nahjul Asrar, ‘Man Arafa Nafsa Faqad Arafa Rabb’

[2] The One who is Eternal, Who’s existence is compulsory-Allahswt.

[3] Nuqtah-e-Wahid- a Divine Origin

[4] Noor al Shabah

[5] Entity

[6] Urafa