HubeAli asws

Learning the Wilayat of Allah (azwj), Rasool Allah (saww) and the Imams (asws) from Holy Quran and the Ahadith.


Shahadat Pak Bibi Syeda (asws)

Pak Bibi Syeda (asws) said, “O People! Be informed that I am Fatima (asws), and my father is Muhammad (saws) I say that repeatedly and initiate it continually; I say not what I say mistakenly, nor do aimlessly. I seek My Allah’s willingness and gratification in everything I do——–. O Muslims! Will my inheritance be usurped?

One day Omar bin khatab (la) arrived at door of Syeda Fatima (asws)’s house and challenged Hazrat Ali (asws) to pledge an oath of allegiance to Abu Baker (la) or otherwise he (la) will burn down the house. On refusal, he (la) collected pieces of dry wood at Syeda (asws)’s door-steps and ignited fire which burnt down the door latches then he knocked down the burning door and crushed Syeda (asws) between the wall and the burning door of her own house, this resulted in severely injuring Syeda (asws) and martyring her (asws) son, Hazrat Mohsin (asws). They then, without any sense of guilt, rushed ahead to arrest Amir-ul-Momaneen (asws) in order to make another unsuccessful effort of forcing him (asws) to pledge support of allegiance to their illegitimate and un-Islamic caliph.

Imam Ali (asws) then said to Umar (la) & his followers (la); “Your evil-commanding selves abstained from the everlasting Hereafter, and our selves craved after what you abstained from. And the appointment is near, and the Lord (azwj) is the best judge; so prepare your answers for the questioning, and prepare your accounts for your injustice towards us Ahl al-Bayt (asws) . Has not Syeda (asws) been hurt in suppression?! Our rights are not forcefully usurped?! And there is no supporter and no defender, and no helper and no rescuer? I wish the son of Abu Talib (asws) had left for heavens (like Prophet Mohammed saws) before today, so he would not see the evil-doer infidels rallied for doing injustice to the Pure, the Pious (Syeda asws).

So there will be destruction! Destruction! And ruination! Ruination!