Khalsi and His False Beliefs

Colonial agent sheikh Muhammad khalsi was the resident of khalis city. This city, famous due to its canal named as al-khalis, is situated at the road, which goes from Baghdad to karkook sulemani. The family of khalsi belongs to the same city for which reason the family is called khalsi. Khalsi’s lineage tree which is in ilmor rijaal books is only this:

Sheikh aziz

Sheikh hassan

Sheikh mehdi.

Sheikh mehdi was without any doubt a great shia scholar. He was born in 1276 and died in 1343. His son sheikh muhammad khalsi was not included in ulema till the death of sheikh mehdi khalsi even though at that time sheikh Muhammad khalsi was 33 years old. Sheikh Muhammad khalsi was born in 1309 in Karkh, Baghdad. (Kitab ma’arifur rijaal, vol 3, page 147).

The writer of above mentioned book wrote only this that sheikh mehdi left 2 sons one was Ali and the other Muhammad (sheikh Muhammad khalsi). So to say that both brothers were not alim (scholar) at that time.
2 years before his father’s death, sheikh Muhammad khalsi left Iraq for
Iran. Allama sheikh jasim wrote in his book ash shahadatu thalitha, page 6, published Baghdad that colonialism, taking advantage of khalsi’s father’s religious status, took sheikh Muhammad khalsi in its lap so that he could protect colonial designs in Iran. As the government of Iran came to know the aims of khalsi it detained him. After 29 years khalsi arrived Iraq from Iran.

Faith of Sheikh Khalsi:

Sheikh Muhammad khalsi says in his risalah madinatul ilm page 216 published in madrissa khalsi kazmain Iraq:

“Ameerul momineen Ali laisa shiyan wa la sunniyan wa innama ho wal onwanul kamil lil muslemeen – (ameerul momineen ali was neither shia nor sunni. But he was kamil onwan for all muslim.”

On 13 rajab 1370 AH, khalsi while addressing at high school said openly “ala {word censored by Angel}ullah alash shia ala {word censored by Angel}ullah alas sunniya. Ana la shiye wala sunni – (curse of Allah be upon shias, curse of Allah be upon sunnis, I am neither shia nor sunni).” (Ash Shahadatuth thalitha, page 12)

Now it becomes known that khalsi was neither shia nor sunni while Islam
comprised of only 2 schools of thought shia and sunni. Therefore who make curse upon both he makes curse upon entire Milat e islamia and Islam. For this reason Allama jasim says very well that when khalsi brands both schools of thought cursed then he should have to announce openly that he is a Jew.

Now tell me that khalsi to whom ulma e Iraq term out of Islam if his beliefs would be adopted by shias then its time of concern or not?
It has been an old tactic of colonial powers to buy people like khalsi in order to sow seeds of discord in religion. Father of khalsi Agha sheikh mehdi khalsi, abdul hussain khalsi and sheikh Muhammad khalsi himself remained continue giving shahada of aliun wali ullah in adhan and iqamah. But in about 1950, when ba’ath party started spreading its net in Iraq against the government of hashmy family. At that time it was political need of ba’ath party to cause splits in Shiite of Iraq because the rule of hashmi family was a very strong support for Shiite. So using khalsi, different fatawas were caused to issue. in opposition of matam he caused stop chehlum procession en route kadhmain to karbala, and then gave fatwa that to eat hare and badger is halal.

Sheikh Khalsi has termed in sa’adatud darayn and other amliya rasael hare and badger halal (Ashahatus thaletha, page 12). And in book assayat alqarea page12 Khalsi himself reports that he was fond of eating grilled hare meat.Khalsi gave fatwa that to celebrate nouroze is haram, matam zanjeer zani and qama zani is haram, tawaf around holy dareeh or to get dead body have a tawaf all that is shirk infidelity and haram. shahada of aliun wali ullah in adhan and iqamah is haram.

Sheikh Muhammad khalsi who due to his blind heart shows his enmity with
Maula e kainat Ali ibne abitalib cunningly says:

ana la atanazil an qauli fee anna ash hadu anna aliyan waliullah bid’a wal bid’a dalala wa dalala finnar wa man yaqoluha kafir (al qarea lil khalsi qamea sheikh abdul hassan page 6 published Baghdad)

“I would not turn against my this saying that ash hadu anna aliyan waliullah is bid’at (innovation) and every bid’at is deviation from the right path, and every deviation from right path is in hell and he who says this is infidel.”

khalsi disgraced Hazrat Abbas bin Ali the standard bearer of Hazrat Imam
Hussain ‘s army. “Innal Khalsi allazi ba’a damerahu wa ba’a deenahu wa ba’a wajdanahu min ajl ain yadu ilal aqedatil wahabiya wa da’a ila zalika jahran wa yunkir shahdatas thalitha (Aliun wali Ullah) wa bay tahrem e baqa il qaboor wa bay anna khalid ibne walid ashraf emanan min sayedina Al Abbas – (Al Khalsi wa ziyaratul arbaeen, P 12, pub Iraq)

Khalsi sold his faith his conscious and wajdan because he was who invited towards aqeda e najdiyat (Abdul Wahab) and he invited openly towards this. Denied shahada of aliun wali ullah. He termed remaining of graves haram and said that khalid bin walid is supreme than syedna Hazrat Abbas in faith.”

So all those people who are speaking in tone of khalsi, and are forbiddin gfrom zanjeer zani, qama zani, and deny shahda Thalitha and despite this say themselves shia, they are in disguise of Shiite are enemies of shia. They in fact are his disciples. O matmis, azadars be careful of them they are khalsi, and khalsi was a preacher of najdi faith. and these evil beliefs were spread in Pakistan by Sheikh Muhammad hussain dhakoo, who was the top
member of supreme council of tjp which is banned by the government due to
its involvement in terrorism, and he still is the patron of the same group.

In the mean time khalsi visited Saudi Arabia. American university Beirut called him and held a conference. Khalsi had armed hooligans around him. So if you find radical people in disguise of Muslims and they commit hooliganism against Muslims, Mind it that it is the lesson given to them by khalsi. Therefore hooligans of khalsi many times launched killing attacks against zaireen, ulema and students. Once he tried to slain Agha al udhma mohsin al hakeem but his conspiracy was foiled. People can ask about this incident directly from Agha al udhma mohsin al hakeem’s son Agha baqir al hakeem currently resides in Islamic republic of Iran.

Anyhow Shiite of Iraq today is suffering for the evil policies of khalsi. Likewise in some other Muslim countries Shiite suffered for the evil policies of khalsi’s followers.

About these beliefs of khalsi I discussed allama arif hussaini in Iran when he was there, who was later made leader of a shia organization in Pakistan. He instead of going against these beliefs said, “anyway sheikh muhammad
khalsi was a mujtahid therefore we have no right to describe sheikh muhammad khalsi’s opinion as wrong.” I felt regrets over these remarks of allama arif hussaini. I said in his reply “do you keep the same beliefs?” in reply he
remained silent.

Therefore ulma e haqqa strongly disliked this behavior of khalsi. Sarkar Agha sayyed abdul hussain sharf uddin amli writes:

“qad akhta wa shazza man harrama zalika wa qala innaha bidatun fa min ayna ja’at albidato wal haram wa mal ghaya be shaqqay as’ al muslimeen fe hazihil ayyam (Al nas wal ijtehad, page 208) – (who brands aliun wali ullah in adhan
and iqamah bidat (innovation) he has made a grave mistake. And he is a rare (very few) type mufti. And how could it be bidat and haram? What is the objective of creating dissention among Muslims in this period?”

Likewise mufti tabrez Allama qazi Muhammad ali tabatabai (late) writes in book an nukta tur rabiya hashiya al anwarun nomaniya, volume 1, page 171, published in tabrez that “the man who terms this shahada (thalitha) in adhan
and iqamah as bidat and haram despite not being a mujtahid, don’t care him because the objective of so called mujtahid who creates dissention, is that to cause disunity among shias and that the fire of hatred be flared up among them so that to whom he (mujtahid) is an agent he extend thanks to him (mujtahid) on this heroic deed.”

Allama Sheikh Abdul Monam Kadhmi in his book man kunto molaho fa haza aliun mola, which has been published in 13 volumes and over which Agha Al udhma Abul qasim Al Khoie has his favorable review. In its 4th volume page 200 the
first mistake over which he has criticized its title is ash sheikh al khalsi wad da’ayah al wahabia (Shiekh Khalsi and his preaching of wahabi faith. In this he has proved that khalsi was the first to sow seeds of wahabiat in
shias in Iraq.

Therefore shah sa’ood thanked khalsi through a letter for promoting faith of wahabiism:
“Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 6th day of Ramadhan, 1373 AH, reference number 5868/4/1/24

>From sa’ood bin abdul aziz to honourable ostaadh sheikh Muhammad mehdi khalsi May Allah keep him save

Assalam o Alykom Wa rahmatollah wa Barakatoh

We received your letter and are grateful to you for your good opinion and nice efforts. As you saw that we are struggling for unity among Muslims in east and west according to our wish in our country and are inviting all
towards the pure deen (wahabiyat) of Allah. Which is proved by Holy Koran Sunnah of Rasool and the act of Salf e Saleh and same is our aim. May Allah Grant us His love.



Where khalsi played the role of agent of America and its allies. There he expresses his severe hatred with Iran. And till his last age he was used to say Iran fire worshipper and Zoroastrian. Therefore he spits venom against
Iran in book sadatud darain page 280, 290, 300, 320:

“I found all people of Tehran weak-hearted and thick-skulled. Their ulema are followers of Greece philosopher, Plato, Masha’iya and Magi in beliefs as Islam has come to invite towards the concepts of Socrates and Arasta talis.
Their Zoroastrian spirit, excessive exaggeration, worship of bozorgan e deen, taking them to the status of Godhood, bringing Allah to the status ofcreatures, asking help from stones lakes canals, old graves and trees, to
celebrate eid e nouroze, asking help from inorganic matters, respecting fire and accepting its effect in the universe, linking signs of universe with stars is the practice of Iranian ulema. And I have seen this Zoroastrian
spirit in all Iranian classes without any discrimination. And when I called the attention of ulema there that this is Zoroastrian spirit and Islam hates it, they did not oppose it but made far type interpretation. And this was
the practice of idol worshippers. And even pious people there also recite that invocation in their needs, which the writer of Al baladol Ameen has written in the same book with reference to a dream “Ya Mohammado Ya Aliyo Ya
Aliyo Ya Mohammado……….” Help me and above all this that Iranian people ask Abbas bin Ali his mother Ummul Baneen or some unknown Imamzadah to fulfill their needs. They have made graves for Imamzadah in shamiran, Tehran, or
mountains and deserts. None of Iranian city or mountain is empty of such graves, lakes, stones and caves. They consider them holy and ask for refuge from them in their needs. History is evident that all these beliefs are
memorial of Magi period, which are still remained. Islam has changed their name only not their practice. Iranian people specially ask Abbas bin Ali for help who with his imam was martyred in Karbala defending the truth. They ask
help from him without doing any act and if success was possible without deed then Abbas and Hussain would had got help and they all were not martyred. I found many nonsense of faith in Iran like other Islamic countries.”

Khalsi had been in practice of declining infallibility of masumeen and defaming ahlebayt and azadari. He also declined inspired knowledge. He wrote in medina tul ilm, page 92: “some ahle mimber (speakers) make erroneous
statements without investigating history books and fabricated ahadith i.e.there is a report that when hadhrat ali was born and came to the earth he started recited Quran. Even though shias do not admit it but he who admit
this term him kafir as it is taunt and rapprochement in prophet hood.”

It proves that it is necessary for an imam to take birth as an ignorant in the sight of khalsi. While it is in Quran about hazrat Esa “inni Abdullah aataniyal kitab wa ja’alani nabiyan – I’m the servant of Allah, and He has
given me the book and made me prophet” – Likewise the condition for Imamate which he has written in his huge book ah’ya ush shia, page 169 to 176, he has not mentioned in these conditions the infallibility of Imam.

Khalsi believes that imam is mujtahid while mujtahid is not infallible. Therefore on 17 rabi ul awwal a congregation was held at madrissah of khalsi which was attended by great scholars. Thousands of people including allamasheikh Muhammad raza shabibi, munir qadi, ustad sheikh abdur rasul khalsi and ustad hassan Muhammad ali attended the congregation.

Speaking to the congregation khalsi said: “inni ataber jafar bin Muhammad ahadul mujtahideen wal mujtahid yukhti wa yuseeb – I consider imam jafer bin Muhammad a mujtahid from among mujtahideen and mujtahid sometimes mistakes
and sometimes do not.” It means that khalsi belived that masoom could commit a mistake but according to shia faith, masoom never commits mistake.

Listening the above-mentioned words of khalsi these voices were heard from most of the ulema “la hola wala quwwata illa billah…” and momneen termed remarks of khalsi a severe arrogance.

Now I present some excerpts of the last will of khalsi. Place of will – jamia madina tul ilm kadhmain Date of will – shaban 4, 1377 hijri Will maker – sheikh Muhammad imam al khalsi al kabeer.

This will is in Persian and I present it in English:

Do not allow any ahle bid’at to interfere in affairs of madrissah (my religious school) specially those people, who do not afraid of going against Quran in considering bid’at of giving up Friday prayer, fluctuation (to
recite aliun wali ullah) in adhan as legal. And those people who keep silent on wrong and anti shariah rites in the pretext of matam e hussain in the name of qamazani zanjeer zani and azadari of sayedush shohada. (it proves
that qama zani, zanjeer zani, matam and aliyun wali ullah was not legal according to khalsi).

He further says, from among these bida’aat (innovations) are those affairs,which are performed in accordance with the misled desires in funeral of a dead body. When funeral procession is taken out false noha khoani is
performed. There is no name of respect and honor in the funeral. Funeral is taken to the haram of any masoom for ziarat of dhari and get it perform tawaf (circumambulation) of dhari. After burying it they hold majalis e
fateha for men and majalis e aza for women in the name of majlis (because all these are bidat in khalsi’s faith) even though all these things are contrary to shariah, some are haram and some are makrooh. All these are
bida’aat which have become common. Momneen should try to eliminate these.

If you want to bury in rawaq (canopy) of Imam Musa Kadhim then bring dead body there passing through the door of haram. Never get the dead body (funeral) be visited nor circumambulated the Dhari of Imam Musa Kadhim.

Khalsi further wrote in his will that anyhow save my funeral from the ziarat of Imam Musa Kadhim like wise from such fateha khoani which is now a days in practice to offer because it is bidat and there is no justification of it in shariah.

He further wrote in his will about the syllabus of his madrissah that the religious syllabus being taught currently in najaf e ashraf, karbala moalla, qom moqadessa, Tehran, khorasan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunis, Algeria,
Morocco, India and Pakistan (khalsi left Saudi Arabia’s syllabus so to say the Saudi syllabus is legal and correct in his sight) should be left because none of these syllabus is such which could be called in accordance with
shariat e islamia.

Now I would say that make a comparison of above mentioned with those people who have entered shia school of thought and argue that zanjeer qama zani is not legal, fateha khoani is not right and majalis and crying have no advantage. In fact they all are the followers of khalsi and khalsi was a great agent of colonial powers.


Abdullah shah