Audio Khutbaat Part 2


Here you can listen khutbaat online and can also download to your computer. All audio khutbaat are in mp3 format.
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 Nehjul Israar – Part 1


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Shia Ki Tareef [audio: Shia Ki Tareef.mp3]
Mo’min Ki Tareef [audio: Mo’min Ki Tareef.mp3]
Mo’min Ki Tareef – 2 [audio: Mo’min Ki Tareef – 2.mp3]
Iman Ke Sutoon [audio: Iman Ke Sutoon.mp3]
Kufr Ke Sutoon [audio: Kufr Ke Sutoon.mp3]
Gunaah Teen Hain [audio: Gunaah Teen Hain.mp3]
Kalimaat E Qisaar [audio: Kalimaat E Qisaar.mp3]
Haqeekat Ki Tareef [audio: Haqeekat Ki Tareef.mp3]
Ma’arifat E Noorani [audio: Ma’arifat E Noorani.mp3]
Hadeeth E Noorani [audio: Hadeeth E Noorani.mp3]
Hazrat Ali Ka Naam [audio: Hazrat Ali Ka Naam.mp3]
Sada E Naqous [audio: Sada E Naqous.mp3]