ISO Fitna

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We strongly denounce ISO Pakistan’s satirising statement against Syed ul Shohada Imam Hussainasws in one of their poster where they call a head of a democratic state as Hussainasws (Nouzobillah ) of today, read more… PROTEST- NEW FITNA

The poster of Imamia Student Organization

The poster basically says: ‘One should say Labbaik to Syed Ali Khamanai who is the Hussain (asws) of today (Nouzobillah)’.

The translation is: We send our Salam to the Imam of Hurr, AbbaAbdillah Al-Imam Hussain (asws), who donated his last drop of blood neither for the sake of reward nor for the desire of Paradise but for the sole purpose of destroying  the origin of filth and unrest, the Yazid bin Mawiaya.  The brothers of the Imamia send their eternal message to all people of various colours and race: To come forward and assist the Hussain of today Syed Ali Khamanai and organise such ‘Aza-o-Matam’ that would shake the walls of the palaces of Yazid.  If ‘Aza’ is not conducted along these lines then it would  just merely be crying and beating which is similar to the cries and of the Kufis who called themselves friends of Imam Hussain (asws) but they did not support him (asws).